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Scripts, Jokes, Resources & Reading List

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Resources for MC’s!      The Top 10 Sellers in 2017!

1/ Expert MC Emergency Pack! – What to do in several common situations to save the day!

A sampling of ideas from the Expert MC Toolkit & Resource manual. Buyers of this will be credited the price paid if they then go on and buy the full Manual.   FULL DETAILS


2/ BWC! – A short piece of Interactive Fun – suitable for any Audience.







Guaranteed to grab the attention of any audience and get a huge laugh.  Full details here

3/ A Master of Ceremonies- A Beginners Guide to being a Brilliant MC!

Book cover MC book

Rachel Green has put together a great eBook that is available here for instant Download. Check out the Table of Contents and Readers comments. I would suggest if you have never done any MC work this is the place to start. Suitable for both wedding and corporate.
Click here to view more details



4/ The Expert MC Toolkit and Resource Manual.

Yes! This is our own book. Jam packed with – Lines, Quotes, Activities, Jokes, Icebreakers and more, collected over the last 20 years of being an ExpertMC. Slot these immediately into your own MC work!

Plus – There’s also a whole section of advice from a 6 Pro MC’s sharing inside secrets!

Full Details

Corporate Emcee









5/ You Can Be a Wedding MC !


Being the MC at a glittering Wedding is a specialised job that many MC’s take on. It’s a great niche market, it’s well paid, there are always weddings and at each wedding there are always many people planning their own!

To be absolutely honest with you, in my 40 years of standing up in front of crowds, I have never been the MC at a wedding! But, if I ever had to do one … this is the first book I would pull from my bookshelf!

This complete guide that has launched the careers of many successful Wedding MC’s over the years. The author, Peter Miller, travels across the globe to be the MC at prestigious weddings and has successfully mentored many MC’s into this lucrative field.  Full Details Here


6/ Trivia Night Hosts

Many Corporate and Event MC’s offer Trivia Nights as an Add On to their services.  They are fun and easy to run, but you do need a very good supply of fun quality questions. I’ve bought question packs from almost every online supplier of Trivia Questions and I can tell you these guys are the best … let me explain why and give you a few tips on running a great Trivia Night!



7/ Up Front In Control – Great Masters of Ceremony reveal their Trade Secrets


I’m so pleased this book is back on the market again and you can now buy it directly from the author, rather than through Amazon. I’ve known Peter Miller for a very long time and I’ve read this book multiple times and I know you will too.

Pete is an accomplished MC, Speaker & Coach and a mentor to many in the industry. He wrote the book in conjunction with another legend, Ron Tacchi who had a long career as a Speaker, MC and then successful Speaker Bureau owner.

Their years of experience are laid out in the eBook that focuses squarely on the world of the Corporate MC . How to do it, How to sell it & some excellent Run Sheets and Checklists.  If you want to work in the corporate world, you need this book.  Full Details Here


8/ The Wedding MC Joke Book

This book really divides people. Some people love it, some people hate it.  However, quite a few of the jokes are suitable for Corporate & Association work as well and I even use one of them in my Cruise Ship performances. Not only do they include the jokes but importantly give tips on how to deliver them with more impact, so it is a great help if you have never told jokes or stories before.  It’s very reasonably priced so I’ll leave it up to your judgement for their suitability in your MC environment.  Details.






9/ Further Reading List  – The MC’s Bookshelf

You really need to know about these extra books to grow your business and your skills. Reading List


10/Business Resources

These are some of the tools I use every day to run my thriving MC business.  Business Resources