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Emcee - 47 Places you can get work as an Emcee or Master of Ceremony! When most people think of where they can get work as an Emcee or Master of Ceremony, they immediately say, as a Corporate Events Emcee or as a Wedding Emcee. And yes, these are both great markets to work in, […] Read More

Should I use Emcee or MC?  What is the difference between Emcee and MC? For that matter what is the difference between a Master of Ceremony and a Master of Ceremonies? Or a Compere, Host, Announcer or Anchor? While there are some subtle differences, the words are pretty much interchangeable, but there are a few […] Read More

A lot of people dream about getting work as an Emcee or Professional Master of Ceremonies. And it certainly sounds like a dream Job ...  Fancy Hotels, Exotic Locations and travelling in the pointy end of the plane. But is there a simple roadmap to get you there?   A Fast track approach? In this article […] Read More

What is the role of an MC? While it is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" type question, in this article we outline most of the major duties of an MC and provide hints and tips to accomplish each successfully. I'll mostly use the term MC in this piece, rather […] Read More

What should an MC wear? What is good Master of Ceremony Attire? It is a great question and there are probably just as many answers as there are MC's. We all develop our own style that hopefully reflects our personality. But I think it can boil down to this ... Rule Number One of Master […] Read More

Do you need some Memory Improvement? If you ask people "How's your Memory" most people reply, "Not as good as it used to be!" As working MC's it's really important to keep our Memory Skills sharp. Think for a moment what it would be like if you had a Memory Improvement of  20% - 30%! […] Read More

Many MC's are asked to run a Speed Networking session as part of their role. I've probably run 50 - 60 of them over the years. Here is a quick video tutorial on running a great Speed Networking session. Watch right to the end where there are a couple of extra tips that will really […] Read More

Here are 4 Ideas that you can use in your Corporate MC work straight away. An Introduction framework A Fun use of Technology A great Question to ask a Speaker or Panel Member A Networking Secret You will also get a sneak preview of what's coming up in the next video […] Read More

Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor has a strict set of criteria he uses before he invests any of his money into a company. Lets learn what makes a strong company in his eyes and see how those exact same things can apply to building a thriving Emcee Business […] Read More