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Many people get asked to introduce a speaker at an event and have no idea how to do it. In this quick guide, we give you several different frameworks that you can use, as well as plenty of sample scripts and explain the questions you must ask both your speaker and your client before you […] Read Full Article

How to Moderate a Panel Discussion There is more to running a successful Panel Discussion than just having some good questions, interesting guests and a moderator! A successful Panel needs a plan! Over the last 10 years I’ve moderated over 100 Panel Discussions and observed another hundred or so. Here are my Tips & Guidelines […] Read Full Article

Each and every event you do as an Emcee will be different, so it’s impossible to give an actual Emcee Script that you can use for every occasion. However, we have assembled the next best thing! A collection of lines, phrases and words that you can use to slot in to any Emcee Script! We […] Read Full Article

Public Speaker      Motivational Speaker   Professional Speaker How do you become a Public Speaker? The thought of becoming a Professional Public Speaker or Motivational Speaker  is very appealing to many people! You might have experienced a Motivational Speaker who successfully moved you to take action in your career, business or life, or perhaps thought to yourself […] Read Full Article

Linkedin is a powerful tool for any MC in the corporate sector, but it does have a fairly steep learning curve. This 8 minute Video outlines 9 huge mistakes that new users often make, plus an exciting new feature thats perfect for MC’s […] Read Full Article

An Insiders Guide to Great Opening Lines for any MC or Speech. A great Opening Line should aim to accomplish two things. Grab the attention of the audience and create interest of what is going to happen next. In this article I’m going to share with you … 1/ The Secret to Unlocking a Never […] Read Full Article

So, you want to be an MC or become a Better MC! The most common question that we get after people have a look at our resource website is … “There’s so much information here! Where do I start? What should I do first?” After responding to hundreds of these queries over the last couple […] Read Full Article

People often ask me “what is the best way to build a Corporate MC business?” My answer is always the same. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to help build a thriving Corporate Master of Ceremony business! You can establish a presence, position yourself as an expert and easily connect to companies and many people in […] Read Full Article

In this 4 minute video, we share the simple yet powerful secret, how just one change to the way you think about Goal Setting, will dramaticaly produce better results.   The book mentioned in the video can be found here  …  12 Week Year […] Read Full Article

Is it possible to eliminate Stage Fright altogether? I’m not sure. Even after 50 years of performing onstage I still get nervous! My performing career has taken me from Acting, Cabaret and Stand Up Comedy, through Magic and Illusion Shows to Professional Speaking and now mainly Corporate MC work. I tried to work out approximately […] Read Full Article