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15 Alternative Market Areas that need an MC!

15MCWhen we think of the Market for being an MC we tend to think immediately – Wedding & Corporate. But there are a whole lot of other avenues to explore. Here is a list of thought starters. There are some MC’s who just focus on one of these areas and become a niche expert. Are you limiting your opportunities?

15 Alternative Markets for MC’s

  • Product Launchs
  • Retail Promotions
  • Awards Nights
  • Birthday & Anniversary Parties
  • Association Meetings
  • Sporting Events
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Gala Balls
  • Bar mitzvahs
  • Talent Quests
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion Parades
  • Seminars
  • Charity Events – Including Auctions
  • Trivia Nights


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