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  • You’ve been asked to be an MC – at a corporate event or wedding and you would like some great tips and advice!
  • You already do a bit of MC work, but would like some great “sure-fire” content to slot into your work!
  • You would like to enter the exciting business of being an MC with a Guide, some tutorials or training!

Welcome to The Expert MC, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Timothy Hyde and I’ve been a professional MC for over 20 years and performing for a living for nearly 40. My work as an MC has taken me all over the world, to Hawaii, Cambodia, Cape Town South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. You can read more about exactly what I do further down the page.

Over the last 8 years we have been helping MC’s around the world become better at their job, earn more money and save years of frustrating trial and error with our Resource Website, Educational Material and thriving Online Community.

But before you head off and explore our website I’d like to offer you two bits of advice.

Firstly, we have assembled a 7 Part Bonus Pack of Resources that answer the Top Ten Questions people often ask when they join our Online Community. These resources are absolutely free, no strings attached. If you are interested in How to be an Emcee, already involved in the industry or just want to improve your Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremony Skills, click the button to claim your copy. Included –MC-250

  • A Tip Sheet on keeping Events and Speakers On Time
  • Seven Secrets Report on Marketing your MC Business
  • Our Guide – Mastering the Role of the MC
  • A Tip Sheet on using the internets very best tool for getting MC assignments
  • An invitation to join our Online Community who share Ideas and Job Possibilities around the world
  • The Answer to the Question “Do you Need to be Funny as an MC?”
  • One of my pet Introductions for speakers that always gets a great  laugh
  • The Opportunity to ask a Pressing Question on becoming an MC
  • Extracts from our bestselling eBook – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource manual
  • Two complete extra books on Productivity and Ideas creation
  • Free Subscription to our Monthly Newletter full of reviews and extra ideas
  • and a few surprises!

The value of this pack is over $75. You will join over 1000 subscribers around the world who enjoy getting the Tips, Advice and Ideas, will save months of trial & error and will become a better MC.

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Secondly, you may not have time to wait for the monthly newsletters to arrive or the 7 Parts of the Bonus pack to be sent through.

You want Answers to Questions right now, some Excellent Jokes or a guide to MC work!

I’ve listed 3 possible scenarios below that are the most common of visitors to this site and my quick recommendations.

Before go ahead and look at any of these eBook resources or the main website,

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Ok, here are 3 common scenarios …


Scenario 1 You are going to be MC or Best Man at a Wedding and you want some great jokes and stories. This is a terrific collection and they also importantly give advice on HOW & WHEN to use the jokes. (I also use some of these Jokes in my Corporate work.)  The Wedding MC Jokebook.

ecoverScenario 2 You have never been an MC before and want a great Beginners guide. Suitable for both Wedding & Corporate work, with extensive sections on each. Rachel Green’s reasonably priced book has sold thousands of copies around the world. You should check out see the extensive testimonials found under the book description.  Master of Ceremonies – A beginner’s Guide

Book cover MC book

Scenario 3 You already have started out on the journey to becoming a Corporate MC and want to add some great material. Jokes, Intro’s, Activities, Filler Material, Warm Ups & Quotes. Welcome to our very own eBook – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual. And not only Content, Advice from 6 full time professional MC’s. This is the material that keep me busy working at Conferences and Conventions around the world.  The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual

Corporate Emcee

 Who is the Expert MC

I’ve been an Expert MC at events all over the world for the last 20 years. Assignments in the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and every possible city in Australia. These have ranged from huge Corporate Conferences, large and small Association events, Government Forums, Community and Social Events etc etc.  ( You can read a little about my work here or by downloading my 2013 Promo or 2014 Update pdf’s.)



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