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bwc-ebookBWC – A short piece of interactive fun for any MC, Speaker or Trainer!

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Suitable for many types of audiences – Corporate, Government, Association, Wedding, Teen Groups, Social & more.


The ultimate “Packs Flat and Plays Big.”

Slip this in your bag and you’ll always be ready for some quick fun.

It actively involves everyone in the audience, grabbing their attention and focusing them on you! It quietens them down. It incourages them to participate.

It’s a simple yet effective Visual Prop based on an old Verbal gag.

Warning – A small amount of DIY is required to make the simple prop required.

Delivered as a 23 page PDF eBook. Instant Download. Photo Illustrated. Script Ideas, Handling, Alternative Approaches & Construction.

Launch Price – Just US$10 US$5 For a limited Time

The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions …

Suitable Audience Age – Any age that understands what you are saying.

No, this is not a magic effect. Nothing appears or vanishes, you don’t read any minds.

Construction – Use Cardboard or Stiff Paper, Glue Stick/Spray Adhesive. Use of Printer helps, but can use Stencil or Feltpen.

Language – The gag itself is not a “word play” so it should be able to work in different languages. If you are concerned send me an email and we can discuss. Read the testimonials below – if it works in Norwegian, German, Columbian and French I think it would work in any language.

Recent Testimonials


“Hi Timothy,
Everything went smoothly with the new cart and your service was excellent!!
Made up the gimmick, no problem and works like a dream!!! Many thanks for the idea!! Terry Hickman

“Hi Tim

I own every product you have released so far and have enjoyed every bit of them.
I just got your BWC and I think it would be a great opener for my next performance.
Thanks for sharing your material”

Juan David Arbeláez Colombia (South America)

P.S. Your MC Book is awesome

“I love it. I’m sure it serves you well. I’m going to have to make one. I’ll be using it. Thanks again!” Jon Stetson America’s Master Mentalist

“Thanks Timothy for sharing a great gag that gets the entire audience participating & laughing!” Joel Howlett Australia.


“I just read the e-book and it would work well in Norwegian. Great gag, and looking forward to try it out” Vidar Hansen Norway

“Can’t wait to see what you put out next. All grade A quality :) ” Denny Corby USA

“Thank you. I just bought and read it. Great idea. Thank you for rescuing it from the pile of “almost forgotten ideas” ;-) Yes I will certainly adapt it in French.” Patrick Waltrick Switzerland

“Bought BWC yesterday, made it in 5min (not even nicely) and got laughs from it at our show last night!” Marcel Oudejans, South Africa


From the eBook Introduction …

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this “bit” over quite a few years and I now do it every time I MC an event and at almost every show. It’s evolved slowly and may well change again over time.

It’s quite short, but it serves as a very useful component in my work, both as a stage performer and as an MC. There are a couple of reasons for this apart from the great reaction and guaranteed laugh it gets.

Firstly and importantly, it focusses the audience’s attention on me, through the use of a visually interesting prop. With a large audience, particularly one that is perhaps eating, drinking and talking, something like this will grab their attention.

It also involves everyone in a light-hearted way, relaxing them early and getting them used to participating and responding. They see that it’s OK to take part. That it’s expected of them to be a part of the event and it forms a vital “connection” the essential ingredient of any successful performance.

At the moment I mostly use this as part of a longer routine to show how easily our minds are lead astray, combining it with some other short pieces. But it can just as easily work as a quick standalone piece, which is how I always use it when I’m at an MC assignment.

In this manuscript – I give you some background to the “bit,” how to construct the simple prop, important timing notes, theme ideas and various alternative presentations and possible extensions.

Buyers of this manuscript have permission to make up the simple prop required to perform the effect themselves, but Manufacturing Rights are reserved.


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