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Be a Better MC

What is the role of an MC? While it is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" type question, in this article we outline most of the major duties of an MC and provide hints and tips to accomplish each successfully. I'll mostly use the term MC in this piece, rather […] Read More

What should an MC wear? What is good Master of Ceremony Attire? It is a great question and there are probably just as many answers as there are MC's. We all develop our own style that hopefully reflects our personality. But I think it can boil down to this ... Rule Number One of Master […] Read More

7 Essential Questions You Must ask Your Client before any MC Assignment Hopefully with every MC assignment you do, you have time to ask these essential questions to your client before the event. This can be face to face or via a phone briefing. The earlier this is done the better as it allows you […] Read More

Dale Carnegie's sage advice ... “Remember, that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” ... has been trotted out by sales, networking and influence trainers for the last 80 years since his book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" was first published. And what great […] Read More

Here are 4 Ideas that you can use in your Corporate MC work straight away. An Introduction framework A Fun use of Technology A great Question to ask a Speaker or Panel Member A Networking Secret You will also get a sneak preview of what's coming up in the next video […] Read More

Panel discussions are a feature of many Conference and Convention agendas and it's often the role of the MC to moderate or facilitate the discussion. Here are some tips -   # Remember, "it's not about you!"  Your role is to  encourage the free flowing discussion, but also keeping it on track and importantly on […] Read More

There are two schools of thought about delivering important information at banquets and dinners. Do you do it early when people are focused, sober and paying attention or later in the night just before they leave? My suggestion is always do it early and if possible repeat it later. Info like - when the bus […] Read More

The role of the MC is to control the atmosphere of an event and as such this should extend to controlling the music. Spend a little time and choose some great music for your conference.  It is a worthwhile  and easy way to add fun and enjoyment. Don’t just leave this up to the AV […] Read More

As the MC at an event you are in charge of the well being of the entire event and in particular the comfort of your audience. Keep a good eye out on the temperature of the conference room and if in any doubt ,turn it down. Hot stuffy rooms send audiences to sleep faster than […] Read More