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Grow your MC Business

Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor has a strict set of criteria he uses before he invests any of his money into a company. Lets learn what makes a strong company in his eyes and see how those exact same things can apply to building a thriving Emcee Business […] Read Full Article

              Our new eBook is ready for instant DOWNLOAD Jam-packed with content ready to slot immediately into your own MC work. Scripts, Lines, Jokes, Activities, Filler material, Quotes – Plus 6 Pro MC’s share their inside secrets. Save […] Read Full Article

Scott Ginsberg is the Name Tag Guy. He has just made available ALL his ebooks as a free download. I have not looked at all of them yet, but there is a lot of stuff there that is VERY applicable to what we do. Branding, Sales, Approachability etc. http://www.hellomynameisblog.com/2012/03/download-every-book-scott-ginsberg-has.html […] Read Full Article

One of the jobs of an Expert MC is to help “frame” the conference. To position the conference and it’s themes in the minds of the delegates. One way that you can help do this before the conference is to conduct short audio or video interviews. Question the main keynote presenters about why people should […] Read Full Article

When we think of the Market for being an MC we tend to think immediately – Wedding & Corporate. But there are a whole lot of other avenues to explore. Here is a list of thought starters. There are some MC’s who just focus on one of these areas and become a niche expert. Are […] Read Full Article

Just Do It! You know, you can read a few books on being an MC, study other people live or on video, but there is no better way to learn, than just doing it. Every hour you do as an MC will help you improve. So get out there and just do it. Volunteer with […] Read Full Article

Corporate Emcee

We recently added a new Chapter to The Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual. This is the 3rd Bonus Chapter with a couple more to come soon. Once these are complete all owners of the book will get a brand new copy with all the new chapters included. This new chapter looks at 10 techniques […] Read Full Article

Here’s a great resource for MC’s wanting to add some instant fun into their next Awards Night. Suggest the Awards to your Client and add a few into the night. http://www.funawards.com/employee-awards/ […] Read Full Article

5 Easy Actions to Boost Your MC Business – Right Now 1/ Look to your own Circle of Contacts. Make a list of 100 people who could help you out. Rank them in broad divisions – Top 10, Top 25 & then the rest. Suitable targets are – work colleagues, friends, family, community. At some […] Read Full Article

Seven Secrets to Grow Your Business! Suitable for any MC, Full Time or Part Time. In fact these Secrets can be applied to many types of Business. Includes ideas on – Building a Prospect List Gaining Experience & Confidence Who to Target How to work with other Masters of Ceremony Ten X your Business The […] Read Full Article