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Timothy Hyde here from ExpertMC.com

I know you're interested in becoming a better MC and working at a more Professional Level.

You've probably already downloaded the Top Ten Tips report, the MC's Cheat Sheet or the 7 Actions to Grow Your Business report.

So, you're now ready for the next step. The Expert MC Emergency Pack!

Corporate Emcee

​What would you do in the following situations ... ?

  # You suddenly had to fill in for 25 minutes?

  # Your client suddenly asks for an IceBreaker session?

  # You wanted to get some guaranteed laughs, even if you're not "funny?"

  # You needed to get a noisy room to be quiet quickly?

  # You wanted to tie the theme of the event into your introductions?

In my own large Toolkit & Resource Manual, I have a section called The Emergency Pack.

It's what I do in any of those situations.

I've done these very things at hundreds of paid events, all over the world.

For just a tiny investment, you get the complete solutions, the answers that have been tried and tested. 
For a limited time The Expert MC Emergency Pack is just $5!

The Expert MC - Emergency Pack

Use some of my very own MC Content collection to help build your career!

Corporate Emcee

Why wait for years building up your own collection when you can have this right now!

NOTE -  The material contained in the Emergency Pack is taken from the full Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual. You will however receive a $5 Off discount Coupon on purchase of the Emergency Pack which you can use to reduce the cost of the full Manual!

Some recent testimonials

Thanks for creating a great resource. I got this ebook because I've emceed a couple of events, and am consistently getting asked if I could at future events.

David Ranalli

Great book!! Valuable information that will easily be repaid from my next MC gig.

Marcel Oudejans
South Africa

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"I've used this very material all over the world in my MC work.
In - New Zealand, USA, Australia, Cambodia & South Africa.
If you are serious about working at a professional level
I guarantee this will be the best $5 you ever spend on your career!"


Snapshots from an MC's life ...

MC at a Conference at the Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu.

With International Space Station Astronaut
Greg Chamitoff in Auckland New Zealand

Running a Corporate Sports Day for his client Zurich, in Cape Town South Africa

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