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Time Sensitive Announcement from ExpertMC Director, Timothy Hyde


I know many of you watched my segment in the 10 Day Mega Speaking Summit run a few months ago. And I know how there were quite a number of people very disappointed that they missed out .

The organizer of that event is running a new Speaking Event very soon and the good news is that it’s free to watch!

Its all about Creating Corporate Speaking Gigs from Scratch

You’ve probably seen or heard of what a professional speaker’s lifestyle is like… Travel, impact, freedom, respect, fans, book deals, etc.

And the fees are nothing to scoff at, either. I mean, where else (besides professional sports) can you earn five-figures in an hour?

It’s a career that has taken me around the world many times, with paid assignment in the USA, Cambodia, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand.

It sounds like a dream job, right?

Well, there’s a lot of truth to that, but there’s also a lot of myths surrounding professional speaking.

On July 12th 2021 , professional speaker, Tim David is releasing a new behind-the-scenes video that separates the truth from the lies about what it really takes to book five-figure corporate speaking gigs – even if you’re starting from scratch. You can register for free access via this Link

YES! I want to watch the Video!!

This video will only be live for a little over a week. Be sure to register so you don’t miss it this time.

I’ll be watching, so I hope you will join me.

Timothy Hyde

P.S. It’s a really great time to be entering this field right now. As the world returns to a “New Normal” after the pandemic, the world will crying out for speakers to Inspire, Inform & Entertain. Register Now

Timothy Hyde

Widely acknowledged as one of Australia's busiest & best MC's and a global authority on the MC Industry, Timothy Hyde shares his expertise and insights into this fascinating Professional Speaking niche via this site and a dynamic YouTube channel. His best selling book The ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Manual has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their Emcee skills and in many cases, start earning a living by taking on the role.

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