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A message from our founder, Timothy Hyde

Hi there!

ExpertMC.com has been running a successful YouTube Channel and this bustling Resource Website for over 10 years. With over 16,000 active subscribers we are now ready to take this project to the next level.

But we need your help!

Since inception we’ve helped those thousands of people, all over the world, do a better job as an MC or Event Host and in some cases create a part time or full time job in the industry.

We’ve also helped people into the field of online marketing, creating second or third income streams.

I’m always overjoyed when I get notes, comments and feedback about the impact the free resources we provide have made! People gaining confidence, learning new skills and seeing opportunities. 

These comments have come from a whole range of people –  students getting some tips on Stage Fright after being asked to introduce a speaker at their school assembly, a office worker being keen to advance their career,  a young entrepreneur wanting to create some future income for their family and of course many people wanting tips to run their Community meetings.

Some of these people were in no position to pay for resources, but were thankful for the things we share. From India, Africa, Indonesia, The Philippines and so many other places! 

To help our ongoing work and in particular the continued production of free resources, we have recently set up a basic Patreon Page to enable people to support this ExpertMC project in a small yet significant way.

If YOU have gained any benefit at all from our 50 free Videos, 30 free articles and complimentary eBooks and Reports then please show your appreciation by becoming a Founder Patron of our Inner Circle, if you are in a position to do so. Help Yourself and Help Others!

Our Supporters Tier is set up as a token $2 per month investment. Yep! The price of just one fancy bottle of wine a year or half a cup of coffee a month to encourage the team at ExpertMC to rapidly expand the offerings to help you and others.

There is so much we could do with ExpertMC, but just need a sign from you that you want more.  

But… you don’t just help us pay for webhosting, video production etc .. YOU get a whole package of benefits!

Benefits Already locked in place for the Founder Supporters – Inner Circle

# Instant access to a brand new in depth report looking at Speaker Bureaus! How to get listed with one and what to watch out for.

# We are uploading this week a 6 Part How to get Publicity for Your Event Host Business course! It’s delivered in Monthly parts giving you plenty of time to process the information and take action to build your business..

# You get Listed in our “Find an MC or Event Host – The Global List!”   This is a featured section off the front page of the site. Not only do we list your name &  location, you also get a URL hotlink direct to their own website! With up to 50,000 visitors to our site each month this will lead to more traffic to your site! Google also recognises that ExpertMC is an Authority Site so you will get an immediate boost to your SEO rank!

Please see the exact Benefits of the Supporters Level via the link below.

Benefits for Everyone are that we can continue to produce the Free content. It will help pay for web hosting, updated equipment, more research etc.

Even if we just get a small bunch of supporters it will help us continue this work! And of course provide some great in depth content for you!

Let’s add some Positivity in these Gloomy Times

So, jump onboard as a Founder Supporter of ExpertMC and join the Inner Circle today. Lets take this next step together!

Note – I’m going to lock the Founder Patron level to just 20 Supporters.

After that the price will go up.

Patreon handles everything and they are the global leader in this area.

For Full Details Click the Banner below or this LINK https://www.patreon.com/expertMC

Inner Circle Supporters

A huge thanks to these, our current Inner Circle Supporters! Without these people we couldn’t do half the things we take on here at ExpertMC.

Founding Supporters

Vince Croci
Jonathan Millard
Bill Weimuth
Fernando Duran
Brendan Dooley
LaWanda Harris

Monthly Bonus Items

On Joining – Speaker Bureau Report – Do You Need One – How to Get Listed

Month One – Complete eBook “The Ultimate Productivity System”

Month 2 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module One – Publicize Your Business

Month 3 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module Two – Your Media Kit

Month 4 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module Three – Identify Your Targets

Month 5 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module Four – Effective Ways to Distribute Your Press Releases

Month 6 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module Five – Putting Together a Publicity Schedule

Month 7 – How to Attract Free Publicity Course Module Six – Review and Refine PLUS Cheat Sheets

Month 8