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Note from Timothy Hyde January 2023

Three years ago we created an Inner Circle Membership Program for Expert MC Subscribers which was very successful, with nearly 100 people taking part. We had great feedback from members, with very few drop outs. However I was never very happy with the delivery technology I used. Added to this, using Patreon as the payment option was not without issues.

So in 2022 I have decided to relaunch the program, but rather than a monthly membership, I made ALL of these resources that Inner Circle Members received available again, but this time as a one time, low cost bundle!

All of the Books, Manuals, Courses, Reports and Exclusive Documents that Inner Circle members received are now available for download at a central location. You will be able to either Download them immediately or just download the ones that are of interest to you at any time!

Read on below and see exactly what you can get right now!!!


Timothy Hyde
Founder ExpertMC.com

While most of the focus of this site is helping people become Better MC’s, there is a large number of people who want to start earning Money from their MC work! Either Part Time as the ultimate Side Hustle, or Full Time as a brilliant, exciting and lucrative career.

There are also people who want to use these MC skills to move ahead in their own careers, whatever that might be! They want to do a better job and gain skills like Confidence, Creativity & Productivity. These are the skills that make you a more valuable person and lead to career advancement.

Purchase our Mega Training & Success Bundle today and we will start you off on this exciting journey.

What is included in the MEGA Training & Success Bundle?

Mega Bundle Content

Here is an overview of the eBooks, Training Courses, Exclusive Reports & Bonus material included in the Bundle. You get access to everything immediately!

50 Niche Areas for MC’s & Event Hosts to Work In ! Exclusive Report

You will not find this insider information anywhere else. Updated in 2020 and Expanded to over 20 Pages.
Hints and Tips for getting work in each one. I bet there are a few here you have never thought about!

You get instant access to this report and everything else listed the day you get the Mega Bundle.

Included in the Bundle

Speaker Bureau Report – Exclusive Chapter from The Wealthy MC

Many large Corporate MC engagements get booked through this channel. Learn how a Speaker Bureau works and how you can get involved with one or more. Don’t make the mistake many people do when they first approach one!

Included in the Bundle

Marketing & Selling Your Services

Brilliant guide from a guest expert on selling your professional services! The author speaks all over the world on this very topic. Reminders, Check Lists, Tips & Techniques

Brilliant Source book of Ideas and Strategy
Included in the Bundle

Get Publicity Now – Complete Course

Once you learn the simple secrets of gaining Publicity you can leverage every assignment you do to help build a career. You can also help your clients gain publicity and in doing so you become a more valued Event Host and can therefore charge more. We teach you step by step, with an additional Workbook & Cheat Sheets included.

Complete 6 Part Course
Included in the Bundle

Memory Training Course – Online

Having a sharp memory is a great benefit for any MC. Remember Names, Intros, Run Sheet Order etc. And it’s a skill that is easily learnt! You get access to my full, highly rated Memory Course on Udemy.

Note – You can also use these skills in everyday life. Just imagine … You’ll never forget where you parked your car again or the name of the person you just got introduced to! You can also teach these skills to your family or your students to help them study better!

You Get Lifetime Access
Included in the Bundle

The Ultimate Simple Productivity System – Complete Book

My favourite book on Productivity and I’ve read most of them! It changed the way I work. The author is a world renown Thought Leader in the field!

Included in the Bundle

My Own “Sales Cheat Sheet

This is the exact document that sits on my desk at all times. If I’m talking to someone on the phone, responding to an email or putting a proposal together, I can refer to it for phrases, words, snippets and reminders. These are my Secret Sales Scripts.

Included in the Bundle

LinkedIn Success

I’ve earned over a Million Dollars of MC work directly via the LinkedIn platform. I’ll teach you the tricks and techniques that I used over the last 20 years! A 2 Part Training.

Included in the Bundle

Social Proof

Social Proof, or what we used to call Testimonials, Reviews and Referrals, has been incredibly important to my business.

This Mini Course explores Social Proof in depth. Course book, Workbook and additional Materials.

Included in the Bundle

Kickstart Your Creativity

A Seven Day Mini Course that’s guaranteed to unleash a torrent of valuable ideas! Use these techniques to develop content, write speech’s, openings and introductions!,

Included in the Bundle

Guide to Networking

I used to hate attending Networking events, but I knew they were essential to grow my business. I read many books, attended several workshops and took classes. Now, I enjoy them. This is what I found out!

Included in the Bundle

Killer Filler

What do you do if you suddenly need to fill 5, 15 or 30 minutes onstage! It happens a lot. A speaker is running late or they only do 20 minutes when you were expecting 40! Perhaps lunch isn’t quite ready or there is a major technical issue. This report gives you ideas, techniques and tactics to handle the situation like an expert.

Included in the Bundle

Pre Program Questionnaire

This is the very document that I send out to clients before I work with them.

I will also show you how to use it to book more paid assignments and raise your profile!

Included in the Bundle

Full Bundle Details

The 13 Training Courses, Manuals, Documents and eBooks listed above
are worth well over $350 if you bought them all separately!

But we haven’t finished yet!!!!


Get More Traffic to your Website

We have up to 50,000 visitors to our website monthly! Many of these people are looking to hire MC’s.

Anyone who buys the Mega Training & Success Bundle is able to request a permanent Link in our new Find an MC – Global Event Host Directory. It’s linked from the Front Page of the Site!

Imagine getting more interested people checking out your webpage!!

Also … Google recognises us as an authority site, so anyone we link to, gets an additional SEO advantage, the magic “google juice” that will drive even more traffic towards you from other sources!

Note 1 – The Link we provide must go to an MC or Event Host website or Services page. If you don’t currently have one we can link you up at a later time. Alternatively you can link to a Dropbox or Google Drive document that offers your services! There is no need to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Note 2– MC’s are listed within their country in the order they purchase. Get a head start in your Region by grabbing the Mega Bundle now!

Just ONE successful MC assignment will pay many times over your tiny investment in the Bundle.
Similar Industry Directories will charge many hundreds of dollars each and every year.
Remember , this is included in the offer. You only pay ONCE and get all the other bonus items!
Some people joined our Inner Circle just so they could get a listing in the Directory!

You get Listed Here! – Included in the Bundle


Extra Resources

I’ve put together some extra resources just for you.

An Index listing of the essential Articles on the ExpertMC Website so you can find exactly what you need quickly.

Plus, a similar Index of the over 40 Videos on the Website.

When you have a question just head to these two lists!


Plus, I’m including fantastic collection of Puzzles that I have used extensively in my work as an MC, Speaker & Trainer! These work really well as Ice Breakers, Team Building exercises or Filler material.


The Opportunity to publish a Feature Story on this website!

We have a number of possibilities for Guest Articles to be published on the ExpertMC Website.

You get recognised as the author and get another Link to your site! Imagine the Traffic and Opportunities that this could generate! Tell your own story of becoming an MC, perhaps describe the differences about being an Event Host in your own Country or give a few Insider Secrets about your MC Niche. Be seen as “The Expert” in – Fashion Parades, Ringside Announcements, Charity Auctions or whatever it is that you do!

This offer is limited to people who have purchased the Mega Success Bundle.

Who is the Expert MC?

You are probably wondering about now, who is the ExpertMC and does he really know what he’s talking about?

I have been a professional full time MC for over 30 years and an entertainer for over 40! I have had paid MC assignments in countries all over the world including USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia & Hong Kong. Most of my work is for Corporate groups, in fact one corporate client has booked me for over 120 different multi day events!

But I’ve also worked as an Event Host at large Association Conventions, Music Festivals, Community Events and more.

I love the MC lifestyle!

I get to spend lots of time at home in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia doing preparation, writing and marketing and then get flown around the world (often in the pointy end of the plane) to fabulous resorts and cities where these sorts of events are often held. Yes, the work is hard and intense but it is also highly rewarding in all meanings of the word.

I’ve also got to meet Astronauts, Prime Ministers, Sports Stars, Famous Musicians and some legendary Professional Speakers who’ve inspired my work.

Your Journey will probably be different to mine, in fact it’s guaranteed to be different, and that’s what makes it exciting!

Recent Testimonials

If you are interested in doing MC work at any level Timothy provides top shelf mentorship for every aspect of the craft. The Expert MC Inner Circle has provided benefits to me that provide the greatest return on investment of any development I’ve found for my technical skill as an MC as well as building my business brand as VCtheMC. Timothy’s combination of teaching prowess, experience and commitment to helping others truly allow him to garner the title Expert MC!

Vince Croci

I’ve been a member of ExpertMC Inner Circle since the beginning. Well worth the tiny investment. There is a lot to be learned from Timothy Hyde.

Dale Curwin

So, what’s this all worth to you?

You get the 13 Training Courses/eBooks, Scripts & Reports Valued at way over $350

Plus you get the Bonus Material!

1/ The Listing in the Directory – Value $500 per year

2/ The extra Index to save you time

3/ The Puzzle Resource – Value $50

4/ Opportunity for a Feature Article on the Website – Value $500

That’s a Value of $1,400 !!!!

But you are not going to pay anything like that.

September 2023 Pricing

The Complete
“Expert MC Mega Training and Success Bundle”
is just US$39

Click the Green Button now.

Note – Because of a distribution agreement, our first Best Selling Book
the “Expert MC Toolkit and Resource Manual” and “BWC”
are not included in this Bundle.

Check out the other Exclusive Products from Expert MC

5 Easy Ways to Get Publicity

A New Free Report from ExpertMC

Publicity is a way for others to sing your praises for you.

Getting the media to write about you can be far more effective than the content you create about yourself. People trust the word of others, so having positive media about your business can have a huge impact!

Imagine getting a story in your Local Paper, being interviewed in a Industry Podcast or featured in a big magazine article!

What will that do for your business?

Over the years I’ve generated thousands of dollars worth of free publicity and I’ve used the same techniques in different niches and in different business that I have run.

A great feature story in our capital city newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald for our entertainment business and an article I put together in an afternoon in this famous magazine that resulted in some huge assignments.

An excellent feature in this niche Meetings Industry magazine promoting my MC services

A wonderful article in our local paper for my wife’s Art Business.

The list goes on – Podcast Interviews, TV local interest segments, Radio interviews etc. All these things add up, like bricks in a wall.

And … They were all free!

And … They all used the same basic techniques to obtain!

This Course has been expanded is now part of our Expert MC Mega Training & Success Bundle!

Check out the full details here

How to Introduce a Speaker on Zoom

As more and more of us are being asked to Host Virtual Events, I thought I would revisit the Essential Skill of Introducing Speakers.

What to DO, What NOT to Do and an easy 4 Part Introduction Structure that you can use.

A 6 minute Video

Thanking a Speaker at Any Event

Our latest video explores the 5 Biggest Mistakes that people make when Thanking a Speaker.

Don’t be that person, check the Video and see what you should be doing!

The Video is just 3 minutes long.

Free Marketing Tools

Instagram has been a big part of my marketing focus over the last couple of years in the three niche areas that I work in.

Obviously, running this site and accompanying YouTube channel, also my wife’s Art Business and lastly I’ve just launched a new site and channel helping small business in the area where I live, the fabulous Blue Mountains. We have had a shocking year in an area that relies heavily on tourism, with firstly  massive Bush Fires and then Covid putting a huge dent in visitor numbers.

What’s been interesting is that I have tried different Instagram tools and techniques with each site, studied with different experts and learnt so much in these three areas. There are some things I learnt that apply to them all.

Lesson One

When I first started focusing on building clients for my wife’s art business, I fell into the trap that many people do when they set out, believing that Follower Numbers is the key. It’s not!

Engagement is the key.

A small number of engaged followers is going to be worth far more than a large number of people who are not totally interested.

For a working MC or Entertainer, having a couple of hundred targeted potential clients on your list is a gold mine.

For instance, we only have 1200 or so followers on Lynda’s page, but those engaged followers have generated thousands of dollars of sales. I think it works out at about $12 each.

So, don’t worry about your follower numbers, worry about the engagement.

Lesson Two

Hash Tags still matter.

When Facebook bought Instagram, some people said HashTags would be phased out slowly or their significance in the mystical “algorithm” would be lessened.

This is not the case.

Having an understanding of good HashTags to use is vital for your growth.

Lesson Three

Now, working with three Instagram channels is a bit of a time trap to say the least!

So I’m always looking at different tools that can save me time.

Always use tools if they are available to save you time.

Free Tool

Before I give you the tool, a reminder.

I NEVER recommend any Product, Service or Tool on ExpertMC that I do not personally use myself.

Remember, what I’m suggesting you do is –

Build Your Engagement

Understand Your Hash Tags

Minimise Time Spent

Hash Tags?

I’ve used several tools here, but about a year ago settled on this one.

I have it installed on my PC and my Smart Phone so I can use it for adding HashTags to a quick Post or Instagram Story directly from my phone or I can explore different combinations of tags at leisure on the PC.

Essentially you set up a Group of Tags in one list. Pushing one button then creates a random selection of those tags that you can then use in a post. It then measures the success of those tags with its own algorithm. The more you use this Split Test feature the more it understands and it will highlight by an excellent colour system which tags are doing well for you!

You can then decide to either just use the best performing tags or continue split testing. After a month or so make a new list using your Top tags and try them out against different ones.

But how do you come up with the Tags you may well ask. Easy, the program has a great search and suggest feature providing a stream of possible, appropriate tags. Plus, it looks at all the tags that users of the software are posting and gives you a daily Top 100 tags. You’ll see tags come and go, but often there are quite surprising and appropriate tags pop up that I have then included in a set.

You can read all about the tool here.

Full Information Click here … Instagram Tool

So, between them, these two free tools can accomplish quite a lot and will definitely build your business or at least get you some traction to start moving forward.

Let me know how you get on via a DM on Instagram.

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

I’ve been getting on Stage professionally for over 40 years, first as an Entertainer and for the last 20 years specifically as an MC and Event Host.

My work has taken me all over the world, but there are many things I had to learn the hard way. Before the Internet and YouTube made things a lot easier, we had to learn things “on the fly.”

I really wish someone would have shared these 5  Event Hosting Tips with me way back then when I was starting out!  Here is our Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners Tip One

Two Questions you ABSOLUTELY must ask your Client so you can do a great job.

Now, when I say Client, it could be many different things. The client is the person who has asked you to take on the role as Event Host.

It could be your Boss, your Headmaster at School, The President of an Association or Group you belong to or perhaps it is a paid assignment.

The two questions you must ask are  …   WHY and WHAT!

“Why are you having this Event?”     AND     “What are you hoping to Achieve?”

Now it might seem obvious what the event is   – A Gala Night, A Prize Giving, An Open Day, they are all fairly typical Event Hosting assignments, but understanding the real reason lets you do a far better job.


Understanding what the CLIENT perceives as a successful event  is vital! If you can help your Client achieve that, then they are going to be happy.

Once you know the deeper reason for the event, you can then tweak the things that you say.

You can Frame the Message in your opening remarks, you can give appropriate “Calls To Action” etc. And you can keep your focus on the elements that you know the client is going to be most concerned about.


What you perceive as just a Gala Dinner at the end of a Conference, the Client might perceive as a great chance to reward the company’s biggest customers who are also going to be there and to build better ongoing business relations with them.

An Open Day at a Factory or Industrial Plant might be more about easing tensions in the local community over traffic and parking issues, rather than just a chance for the public to see what goes on behind the gate.

So always ask those two questions, WHY & WHAT, to give you a deeper understanding of the Event and to determine how the client will measure a “successful event.”

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners TIP Number Two

Meet as many audience members as you can before you walk on stage!

I developed this technique many years ago when I was performing on Luxury Cruise Ships around the world. 

Cruise Ship audiences can actually be quite tough going. They are often quite elderly, there are often language problems with foreign guests and frequent cruise ship passengers have seen a huge number of acts.

On one particular cruise I was scheduled to perform on a very difficult night. There was a big new musical opening on the main stage with a very well-known performer taking the lead role. I was in the smaller theatre space and knew I wouldn’t be getting much of an audience at all. I think there were about 20 people there for my show. But interestingly I had already met about 10 of them before the night. Interesting!

The next cruise I did, I set out to test the theory. I deliberately introduced myself to people around the ship in the couple of days before my show. Once again, at show time, I recognised most of those people were not only there, but were sitting near the front.  I had made a connection.

So, how do we do this in the Event Hosting context?

One technique is to position yourself by the entrance as people are walking into the event or perhaps you can walk around an outside area before the event starts. Just say Hi and introduce yourself to people.

And there are many very good reasons to do this.

#1 You can direct people to sit close to the stage if there is free-form seating. This always creates a better atmosphere than if there are rows of empty seats at the front of the room.

#2 You make a few friends before you walk On Stage.

People might nudge their neighbour and say – “there’s the MC, I met him before.” Or they might have already mentioned it to their partner “I met the MC, he seems nice.”

And they will be on your side, which is always nice.

#3 If you are facing difficulties onstage, perhaps they are unresponsive or uncooperative, you can focus your attention on these people, as they will be paying attention. This is also a technique I teach for coping with Stage Nerves!

And #4   and this is a big one … you can mention them by name during your remarks from the stage.

“I was talking to a few of you earlier, John, Chris and Jane over there
and they were telling me about some of the exciting things the company is doing right now.”

Or “some of the challenges!”

This is a really strong connection point to the audience!

And you can say something like that, even if you didn’t discuss that topic with any of the people you mentioned, because each of them will assume you talked to the others about it.

This is powerful, don’t overlook it.

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners Tip Number Three

Always do a Sound Check.

Never assume everything is set up and ready to go.

Once again there are 3 Reasons to do this …

It will check if the Microphone is On and ready to go
It will make you more comfortable
It will allow the Sound Person to adjust the Sound Level to your voice.

We have a very popular article and Video all about using Microphones and a link to that will appear below.

LINKS Article On Microphones or Video on Microphones

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners Tip Number Four

Try and Meet ALL the Speakers, VIPs or Entertainers that you are going to Introduce BEFORE you bring them onstage.

Now this isn’t always possible but try and do it.

Again Three Reasons

# You can Check how they would like to be introduced

# You can Check how their NAME is Pronounced

# And Importantly   … You can Check  how long they think they have got On Stage!

You can compare this to your Notes and see if there is an Issue.

It is one of the Major Challenges for an Event Host. Keeping Events On Time

To help you, we have a very popular Video linked below all about this topic.

LINKS Keeping Speakers On Time Video

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners TIP Number Five

Keep It Short

You Don’t need to write long winded Introductions or Openings
You Don’t need to tell funny stories
and you Don’t need to agonise over what to say.
Especially if you are a Beginner Event Host!

You’ve probably seen some great MC’s and Event Hosts over the years, telling stories and jokes and being quite at ease up there on the microphone.

You don’t need to aim for that first time.   They have probably had years of practice! 

I’ve seen many Beginner Event Hosts ruin their simple job by trying too hard.

Convoluted stories and introductions, inappropriate jokes or using funny props that must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

For your first few attempts    … Keep it Short and Tight

And You’ll be fine.

Remember – Less is More

Event Hosting Tutorial for Beginners – In Summary

1  Ask What & Why

2  Meet as many People as you can before you get On Stage

3  Always do a Sound Check

4  Meet all your Speakers and Entertainers before you get On Stage

5  Keep It Short, especially as a Beginner Event Host