Memory Skills for MCs – Motivate Your Memory

memory Skills VideoHaving better memory skills will really enhance your life and they are well within the grasp of anyone reading this.
But why do so few people take the simple steps needed to improve their memory skills?

You just need to be taught a system. And encouraged to put it into practice.

As well as being a professional corporate MC for the last 25 years I’ve also taught Memory Skills Workshops all around Australia. I’ve trained thousands of people at Corporate Groups and at Universities.

Just think for a moment what better memory skills would do for you as a Master of Ceremonies

  • You’ll easily remember Names & Titles
  • You’ll remember correct pronunciations of names
  • You’ll be able to work without notes more often
  • You’ll learn scripts faster
  • You’ll always know what’s coming up next
  • You’ll always have the perfect quote or joke ready to drop into a conversation
  • You’ll always have some perfect filler material ready
  • In other words you’ll become a much better and versatile MC

And what about your life in general?  With a better memory skills you will …

  • Get better results in Tests and Exams
  • Be more confident
  • Have a skill that you can teach others
  • Always remember what you went to the shops for
  • And never forget where you parked the car!

I was amazed when I checked the recent stats of our own online Memory Course.

memory skills training
You’ll always remember what to say!

So far 468 students from 60 different countries have now taken the course and it’s still rating a huge  4.86 out of 5 in review ratings!
(April 2018)

No matter how old you are, where you live or what you do, I guarantee if you take this course and follow all the steps you will have a better memory!

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Note – This course was not specifically made for MC’s but everything in it is useful for their work.