Online Tools for Small Business

I get asked the same questions every couple of weeks. What Tools do I use in my Online Ventures?

So, over the next few weeks I’ll keep updating this page with my current recommendations. .

Shopping Cart

If you have ever considered selling anything Online – Tickets to shows, seminars or workshops, or Products like eBooks, Trainings & Courses, then you need a Robust, Secure and Flexible Shopping Cart.

I’ve tried out many solutions over the years, from the free options to the very expensive ones. I’ve sold thousands of ebooks through this one and it’s never let me down. It’s called Thrivecart and I encourage you to check it out via this link.

Full Information Here

Note, you may be surprised to see it’s a One Off Lifetime Payment.

I love this, rather than the Monthly fees that many other platforms require even when they offer LESS than ThriveCart.  I always buy a lifetime licence when I can. Usually, it pays off in the first year and you can then keep on using it for ever. It’s also a quick and easy Tax Deduction.

Bonus –  Thrive Cart have just added an Online Course Platform to the package! The cost $0  !!!!
Previous to this, if you wanted to manage an online course you had to pay Monthly Fees of around $40 – $50 . That’s on top of the SalesCart cost.  Each and every month.  Or spend weeks and months tinkering with a DIY solution. Boom … no more.

Did I mention it’s easy to use? It is! But it’s also very powerful and includes advanced features like des A/B Testing, Coupons, Affiliates, Video Sales Pages, Templates and much more.

Check it out         Full Information Here

Timothy Hyde

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