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Corporate Emcee

We recently added a new Chapter to The Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual. This is the 3rd Bonus Chapter with a couple more to come soon. Once these are complete all owners of the book will get a brand new copy with all the new chapters included. This new chapter looks at 10 techniques […] Read Full Article

7 Essential Questions You Must ask Your Client if you are the Master of Ceremonies   Hopefully with every Corporate Emcee or Master of Ceremony assignment you do, you have time to ask these essential questions to your client before the event. This can be face to face or via a phone briefing. The earlier […] Read Full Article

“Publish it and they will come.” Many Emcee’s seem to think that just by uploading a Promo Video onto YouTube, that it will instantly create a frenzy of views, increase the amount of traffic to their site and that the phone will start ringing with potential bookings. In truth, unless you happen to hit on […] Read Full Article

Welcome to the first part of our Top 10 Books for MC’s video series. Which books we recommend, why they were picked and a peek inside. Part One Click here to view more details or purchase book […] Read Full Article

              Our new eBook is ready for instant DOWNLOAD Jam-packed with content ready to slot immediately into your own MC work. Scripts, Lines, Jokes, Activities, Filler material, Quotes – Plus 6 Pro MC’s share their inside secrets. Save […] Read Full Article

Panel discussions are a feature of many Conference and Convention agendas and it’s often the role of the MC to moderate or facilitate the discussion. Here are some tips –   # Remember, “it’s not about you!”  Your role is to  encourage the free flowing discussion, but also keeping it on track and importantly on […] Read Full Article

Promo Video

This is a great tool for any MC!   Being able to add quick, fun videos to your own Website is a really good marketing tool. I think we all understand that. Here are 3 other ways you can use a tool like this. Offer to make these for your own clients, helping to promote […] Read Full Article

When we think of the Market for being an MC we tend to think immediately – Wedding & Corporate. But there are a whole lot of other avenues to explore. Here is a list of thought starters. There are some MC’s who just focus on one of these areas and become a niche expert. Are […] Read Full Article

A big mistake many MCs make and I’ve done it many times in the past myself  before I learnt better is using the Bio of a speaker as their Introduction. Now I’m still amazed how many Speakers, even Professionals  who should know better, don’t bother providing a good Introduction before every presentation. So often  it’s […] Read Full Article

One of the most essential tools an MC can have with them in their work bag is a good quality Voice Recorder. Sure, you can use a smart phone for some of the functions, but I bet once you start using a dedicated recorder you will love it. Here are just some of the things […] Read Full Article