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We get many different sorts of people subscribing to our newsletter and buying the ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual.

# Some people who are just starting out on their journey as an MC. They have been asked to MC an event and just want some great hints and tips.

# Some are quite experienced and just want some extra material.

# And there are some, who really want to start working as a Professional MC, earning money, perhaps as a Part Time “side hustle” or even earning enough money to quit their day job!

So, which of those are you?

I know what it’s like – starting out, building a business, going full time and then achieving success. I’ve been a full time MC for over 25 years and it’s been a very exciting 25 years, travelling and working around the world.

You know, one of the great things about being a full time MC is that it’s given me time to study, to write and to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. In fact, over the last 20 years, I’ve written 17 Books, collaborated on a few others (including a Penguin Best Seller), and filmed a successful Online Course on the Udemy Platform.

It’s one of the main things that my parents instilled in me! To live a successful life you must continually learn, grow and share your knowledge.

In this unique moment in history,
when you are perhaps self isolating
and worried about the future,
there is no better time than this
to improve your skills!
I’d like to offer you the Key to the Vault.

I’ve hand picked 6 items for you that I know will accelerate your growth and your success. And I know they will be of great value no matter which of those three people you are. And I’m offering this Bundle to you at an amazing discount if you order right now!

I’m also throwing in a Bonus Manual on how to incorporate the ideas in the 6 items into your MC work so you can charge more $ and get more paid work. It’s got extra resources to speed you on your way.

AND … These 6 items will not only help you as an MC, but they will also help you in your life, your career and your studies!

Things will get better and you will be better equipped to come back with new ideas, tactics and skills.

Here’s exactly what you get in the Bundle …

1/ Sleight of Mind –
Kick Start Your Creativity

It’s a Mini Course on Creativity. A simple exercise to do on each of 7 Days, that will multiply the amount of great ideas you have. Ideas to solve problems, come up with clever MC intros, write great speeches and a whole lot more.

More importantly I also explain how you can teach these ideas yourself, in your presentations!

Great useful material that clients and audiences LOVE.

2/ Motivate Your Memory –
Simple Secrets Stunning Results

This is complete access to our very popular Memory Course on the Udemy Platform. You get lifetime access! Complete it at your own pace. We guarantee that you will have a better memory at the end of the course. I’ve taught these techniques to thousands of people at University Level and we’ve had 500 students do the online course and it’s still rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

It’s really useful for an MC to have a great memory… remember Names, Sequences, Introductions etc, but it will also help you in your study, school, job etc.

AND once again, you can teach the simple yet powerful methods, to your own children, clients, audiences etc. They will be thankful you did!

3/ The Ultimate Productivity Guide
Zen to Done

I’ve studied productivity techniques all my life and I really think this is a great book. It covers some of the areas we do in Sleight of Mind but it’s approached in a different way. I didn’t write this one, but it’s included in this bundle with approval of the author Leo Baubata a truly great expert in the field.

At first glance the ideas are quite simple, but they are very powerful. And once again the same ideas can be incorporated in your presentations!

4/ Better Brainstorming

This is really a companion book to Sleight of Mind, exploring one technique, Brainstorming, in more detail. I studied Brainstorming Techniques because I kept getting asked as an MC to run a Planning Session, Focus Group etc. Read these books and you can add “Brainstorming Facilitator” to your promotional material. Get hired to run a quick session or a workshop as well as your MC work!

5/ The Worlds Greatest Puzzles

I’ve loved puzzles all my life and this is a great compilation. It’s a fun book by itself, you can work slowly through it and see how many you can solve.

Then you can quiz your family, students and colleagues.

THEN… I’ll show you how to incorporate them into your MC assignments, adding content and value.

6/ The Hunter Knot Revisited

Being a performing magician for over 40 years, I know how useful a fun practical routine can be. Something that is always ready to go, needs no setting up, uses some audience members, is easy to learn and creates fun and laughter. This is it!

My version of a classic routine. I show you exactly how to perform it, step by step. Depending how serious you want to get, there are some clever variations, but the basic routine is all you need for your MC work!


7/ The Professional MC Bundle Manual

To go with the 6 items, I’ve put together a Bonus Manual that gives you some further hints tips and ideas.

I discus some Big Picture strategies on why you should incorporate more Content into your MC work and then how to go about doing it.

I then go through each of the 6 Items and give you some additional ideas and thoughts.


The 6 eBooks and Training Resources in this Bundle are worth over $100.

Sleight of Mind originally sold for $25
Motivate Your Memory retails at $25
Ultimate Productivity for $15
Better Brainstorming $15
The World’s Greatest Puzzles $20
Hunter Knot Revisited $15

Total Value = $115

PLUS we are giving you a brand new report with extra ideas, updates and addendum. I’ll tell you the inside secrets on how I’ve used these ideas and techniques in MC assignments around the world and how I would use them if I was starting out again.

Bonus Manual $ Priceless

This Bundle is a Masterclass in adding HUGE value to your MC work.

Cost to you right now? Just $10!!!

So, it’s your choice!

Yes Please! I want the Professional MC Bundle for just $10 right now.


No thanks, I’ve got enough valuable Content to run my own sessions and I don’t need a better Memory, better Ideas or to be more Productive.

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