The Tools We Use

Attention! If you are an MC, Speaker or Entertainer check out this list.

With nearly 28,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel, we get a lot of questions each week.
About half of them are about particular aspects of being an MC, while the other half are about the Tools, Apps and Equipment we use to run both my own MC Business and the ExpertMC Project.

So, I’ve started putting together this Rolodex of Recommendations. I will add to it over time.

Some of the listings are Free while others do require a payment.

Note – Some of these links are Affiliate Links, eg we may receive a small commission or subscription benefit, but you only pay the same price.

Note – We only list Recommendations that we actually Use, Test & Trust here in our business!

Are You Ready to Level Up Your Game?

Resources We Use – Free Tools!

Here’s an Overview Video of my Top 7 Free Tools, plus a few extra recommendations. You’ll find links to the Items below as well.

Resources We Use – Online Presence

⚫ Our YouTube Secret Weapon

This Tool helped us get 28,000 YouTube Subscribers!
It’s actually a whole suite of Tools that allow you to really power up your own YouTube Channel.
Its used by every big name YouTuber and will give you amazing insights and research to help you Manage, Optimise and Run your channel. There is a FREE level which has a few really good tools and the paid level is currently only a few dollars a month and well worth it particularly if you are just starting out on your YouTube journey. Its an extension to your browser. Install it via this link.

⚫ Our Website Host

Fast, Secure, Competitively Priced with Massive Support.
I’ve tried all the big name Web Hosts over the years, Blue Host, GoDaddy etc, but I would never go anywhere else now. I have 7 websites listed with them! The support is amazing.

⚫ YouTube Training

I totally think having a YouTube Channel is a must for every MC, Speaker or Entertainer. A Showcase of your talents and the type of services you offer. Every year I enroll in a different in depth Training or Online Course. I love learning the different approaches that each one brings to my business. I’m really enjoying this one. Fantastic resources and a vibrant community.
If you’re a total beginner or already have a channel that you want to take to the next level, THIS IS IT!

⚫ Mail List

Every MC, Speaker or Entertainer needs to start and grow a Mail List. We have tried many over the years including MailChimp and ActiveCampaign but this is our pick. Send bulk emails, set up automations and gather contacts from your website with forms. It’s not too complicated but still has many of the features of the bigger offerings. It also has a completely free level so you can try it out! The free version may be all you need, especially if you have a very targeted niche group of contacts.

⚫ Convert Your Viewers

This is an excellent product that we backed very early on in it’s development. It provides many options to display messages and different dynamic forms on any website. Use these to direct the attention of viewers to different pages, videos or offers, to get their details so you can add them to a mailing list etc. It works seamlessly with both the Shopping Cart and Mailer Programs also detailed in this list

⚫ Shopping Cart

Creating and selling products has been an integral part of our business for many years. You probably already own one or more of these three – “BWC by Timothy Hyde,” “The Expert MC Toolkit and Resource Manual” or “The Mega Training and Success Bundle.” As well as selling those I have a range of ebooks for Magicians and use a shopping cart to sell some of my wifes Limited Edition Prints.

Over the years I’ve used many different services including the big brands like 1ShoppingCart and SamCart, but for the last 10 years I’ve exclusively used this one. If you’ve bought from me, you know it’s fast, reliable and has great options.

And the best feature of it, it’s a One Time Fee. Yep, pay once and you can use it forever. Most other Shopping Carts are a Yearly or Monthly fee. So, what seem seems like a fairly expensive One Off Payment, will actually be much cheaper in the long run. It will pay for itself fairly quickly and then that expense is gone.

It also includes an Online Course/Membership platform! We use it to host the Mega Bundle components. This is just a good as others on offer for large monthly fees. You get it at no extra cost

Have a look at the Features Included here. There is a Pro level upgrade, but frankly whats included in the entry level will probably be fine for most people. You can Upgrade at a later date and Yes there is a Refund available if you find the Cart is not for you.

The Gear We Use – Audio Visual

⚫ Microphone – Rode Video Mic Pro

I prefer using a Shotgun Microphone when I’m filming, I think they give a better sound and allow a lot more movement than a lavalier. This model from Rode is great and captures great clean sound. It has a couple of settings that allow you to boost the signal if you need to and there are several power options. I have mine mounted on a Mic Stand alongside the Camera. It’s a great microphone. There are a couple of smaller alternatives if the price is too high, it’s a very good brand.
https://amzn.to/4bmp397 (Amazon Link)

⚫ Audio Interface – Focusrite

An Audio USB Interface is a brilliant addition to any Home Studio, allowing you to use Pro Quality Microphones and Sound Equipment and connect to your Computer via USB. Perfect for Streaming, Online Meetings, Video Production, Voiceovers etc. Focusrite have a large range with different input capabilities and often have great bundle deals. I’ve used the Focusrite Solo for quite a few years.
https://amzn.to/3V69eO5 (Amazon Link)

The Books We Are Reading

⚫ Create Something Awesome – Roberto Blake

Roberto is one of the YouTubers I follow and this book is a great insight into his thinking on The Creator Economy. It’s mostly Big Picture rather than the Nuts and Bolts of creating content, you can get that from his Channel.
https://amzn.to/4dJVtfg (Amazon Link)

⚫ Comedy Writing Secrets – Mel Hilitzer

This is great and I reread it every now and then. It has some excellent exercises to brainstorm ideas for Speeches, Introductions, Openings etc.
https://amzn.to/4dOyYGa (Amazon Link)

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