2018 YouTube Contest Terms and Conditions

2018 – 2019 Youtube Contest Terms and Conditions

The purpose of ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible Youtube contests for 2018 is to reward a random viewer with a copy of one of our  eBooks  – ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Manual, BWC, Sleight of Mind or access to the Motivate Your Memory Course on eBay.

ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible is solely responsible for this contest. The Expert MC Youtube channel is owned and operated by Achieving the Impossible. Youtube does not endorse this contest. It is merely an ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible contest run on the Youtube platform.


The winner of the contest will win a digital copy of one of our eBooks.
We will nominate which book is going to be offered in the video. If the random winner already own that ebook we will offer to substitute it with one of the others of similar value.

Important Additional Terms and Conditions.

This contest is void where prohibited. In any area where any term of this contest is prohibited by law, this contest is void and all entries from that locality will not be eligible to win. Countries which are subject to U.S. sanctions which would prohibit this contest from being run legally are not eligible to win.

Your entry is owned by you. The comment you make to enter the contest is your own work and ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible does not own that content.

No purchase is necessary to win this contest. Purchasing any product or service by ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible will not increase your chances to win.

Any user may enter the contest simply by commenting on the Monthly News Update video where the Contest is announced. The Contest will only be run if it is announced in a Monthly News Update Video.

Liking, subscribing, or repeatedly watching our videos does not increase your likelihood of winning.

Youtube’s Community Guidelines must be followed in participating in this contest. Any entries which violate Google’s Community Guidelines are void.

All entries in this contest must comply with Youtube’s Terms of Service.

By participating in this contest, you agree to release Youtube of all liability relating to this contest.

By participating in this contest, you agree to allow ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible to announce your name or identifying information available through Youtube as the contest winner–including your profile picture.

You also agree to allow ExpertMC.com / Achieving the Impossible to show the comment you posted publicly on Youtube as the winning comment.

How the Winner Will Be Chosen

On the day we shoot the following episode of the Monthly News Update Video after the contest was announced we will compile a list of people who have commented and select one at random. This will normally take place approx 30 days after the Contest was announced. There may be some variation to this time schedule but a prize will always be awarded if a contest is announced.

Notification of the Winner, and Forfeiture of Opportunity

We will make reasonable efforts to notify the winner. We will make a comment reply to that user seeking to contact them, we will click to their profile to find any way we can to contact them, and we will announce the winner publicly.

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