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The MC’s Book Shelf

Here are some of the other books in my office. I have read most of them multiple times and hope to write about most of them in more details soon!

I will be adding more in coming weeks, but consider these as a core collection.


Money Talks  – How to make a Million as a Speaker – Alan Weiss

Alan is a great contrarian who I have seen speak on a number of occasions and chatted to a number of times.  Terrific overview of the reality of the speaking business. Quite a lot applies to the MC business.


The Wealthy Speaker – Jane Atkinson

Excellent book, from a former speaker agent and now speaker coach. Great advice on Positioning that is perfect for MC’s.

She also runs workshops with another of my favourite speakers Joe Calloway.



Book Yourself Solid  – Michael Port

Another excellent book with great advice and plenty of exercises. Great for anyone selling themselves and their services. I’ve given away several of my copies.

Facilitation Skills

Many MC’s are asked to help facilitate sessions, including Panels, Goal Setting & Planning Workshops. These two books are very comprehensive, I use them a lot.

The Secrets of Facilitation  – Michael Wilkinson

Facilitating with Ease  –  Ingrid Bens


Win the Crowd – Steve Cohen

The Millionaires’ Magician, Steve Cohen looks at Influence, Charisma and Showmanship, essential skills for the Expert MC


Steal Like an Artist  Austin Kleon

The War of Art  – Steven Pressfield

Both fascinating books on the art of being an “artist.” Creativity & Productivity.


The Million Dollar Ipad   Scott Grossberg

Scott is a friend who has a talent for finding the very best apps and tools for iPads. Save time and money with his terrific book.


Virtual Freedom   Chris Ducker

Hiring a virtual assistant may not be as expensive as you think and it could easily catapult your business to a new level. The Ducker book is a terrific overview and guide to using VA’s from the Philippines. It certainly helped me put my VA in place.

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook   Gary Vaynerchuk

Interesting overview of the various Social Media Platforms and strategies to use them well to grow your business. Plenty of great examples.