About ExpertMC

What is ExpertMC?

ExpertMC is an online training and resource site dedicated to helping people become better in their role as an MC, Emcee or Master of Ceremony.

We also help people build a business as a Professional MC either Full Time or Part Time if they decide to also pursue that.

How do we help people?

1  A resource packed website with free Tutorials, Guides, Training  and more.

2  Our companion YouTube Channel with nearly 50 Videos and over 13,000 subscribers worldwide. (As of Oct 2020)

3  Our Flagship publication “The Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual” that has helped thousands of people all over the world become better MC’s.

4 We also have an Inner Circle group getting more in depth resources.

5 Monthly Email Newsletter that currently goes out to around 3000 subscribers (As of Oct 2020). Subscribers also get access to our private LinkedIn Group.

6 We also provide comprehensive reviews of other Books, Courses & Training that may be of benefit to our followers.

Does it Cost to Participate in ExpertMC?

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have an abundance of Free Content both here on the site and on the YouTube Channel! Over 40 articles and downloadable resources and over 50 YouTube Training Videos.

We do run a small amount of Google advertising and sell a couple of in depth eBooks to cover some of our running costs.

We also have a number of Inner Circle Supporters who contribute a small amount each month to keep the project running and receive exclusive in depth information and resources.

Our current Supporters and Information about the Inner Circle are listed here. https://expertmc.com/inner-circle/

How long has ExpertMC been around?

We started planning ExpertMC.com in 2010 and the Website/Newsletter started early in 2011.

Where is ExpertMC based?

We are based in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia, though as you will read, Timothy works as an MC all over the world and we have readers in every country.

How can we Contact ExpertMC ?

That’s easy. Please visit our CONTACT page and send us a message via the form there, to our Postal Address or via one of our Social Media Channels.

How can I get more help, ideas and Resources?

You might want to become a Supporter of ExpertMC. This small group of people from around the world help us create the Free Resources by a small monthly contribution. In return they have access to exclusive material and support. Read about the Supporters Group here.

Who is the Founder of ExpertMC?

Timothy Hyde has been a specialist Corporate MC for over 20 years and in the prior 20 years worked as an entertainer, speaker and team building facilitator. He is widely regarded as one of the best and busiest MC’s in Australia and a Global Authority on the Industry. He shares his expertise via this website and his numerous publications.

You can read his full background here – About Timothy Hyde