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We have assembled a collection of MC Training Videos for you.
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Latest Video    –  How to deal with an MC Emergency

How to be a Great MC – Essential Onstage Techniques

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Your Secret Weapon – The Resource Book

Keeping Speakers On Time!

Keeping Events On Time!

Getting Names Right

How to Thank a Speaker

How to Overcome Stage Fright

Be an Expert MC Series – Professional Onstage MC Secrets

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Asking the Right Questions

Running a Successful Panel Discussion

The Outsource Challenge

Running a Speed Networking Session

Master of Ceremony Attire

How to Write a Great Opening Speech

       How to deal with an MC Emergency

Get Work as an MC – Grow Your MC Business

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Seven Secrets to Growing your MC Business

How to Get Work as an MC  (2018 Edition)

Where to get Work as an MC  (47 Niche Markets)

Should I use MC, Emcee or Master of Ceremony

Essential Briefing Questions

What’s In the MC’s Work Bag

Marketing 101 – Sell The Benefits

Linkedin Marketing Strategies – Avoid these 9 Mistakes

Linkedin Marketing Strategies – Great New Feature 2018

Success Secrets Series – Productivity, Motivation & more

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Success Habits – The Morning Ritual

Better Goal Setting – Change Your Thinking

Stay On Focus – The Secret of the Locked Box

ExpertMC – Video Newsletter
–  Updates – News – Tips – Advice Series

All Individual Episodes are archived HERE

Top Ten Books for MC’s – Short Video Reviews

A Master of Ceremonies – A beginners Guide to being a Brilliant MC

The Wedding MC Jokebook    (Great material, not just for Weddings.)

Training Course Series

Motivate Your Memory  : Simple Secrets -Stunning Results. – Currently Half Price.   We guarantee to improve your memory in our 2 hour Course