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<strong>Red Hand Cave Side Trip</strong>If you are interested, the walk to the Red Hands Cave is side trip that you can take from the campground. A very impressive and significant Aboriginal site with both Stencil Art and Spear Grinding grooves to be seen. Check the map provided at entry and ask advice.



Audio Visual Tools   (External sites)

Video Traffic Academy – Excellent Training Resource I use

Learn Camtasia. Excellent Training that I go back to time after time. For editing on a PC.

iPhone Video Hero. Use the tool you already own to make great promotional videos. Click Here!

Video Software – fun tool for marketing & promotion.


Looking for a great Camera to shoot both photos & Video?

I’ve been using the Canon EOS M for some time.
Small, light, powerful. Big pricedrop recently.



Get Work as an Emcee – Step 8   Target the Right Audiences.

Now this is probably a more advanced strategy but I’ll share it with you now. I made a conscious effort early in my career to target events that would always have a number of potential bookers in the audience. My theory is this. It takes the same effort to market to Client A as it does to Client B. If Client A’s audience is going to more likely to generate leads for further work, then that’s where I’ll focus my efforts.

Some niches are better for this than others. Wedding MC’s have it easy! I could almost guarantee that at most weddings there are at least a few people planning their own wedding or helping someone who is.

If you do have some choice about which events to target or at least making a priority order for campaigns then this is a strategy that really pays off in the long run.

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