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Thanks for your interest in earning some $ by promoting our MC book, The ExpertMC – Toolkit & Resource Manual.

We use eJunkie for selling our range of eBooks across several sites and they provide a powerful and robust Affiliate system.
I’ve used it as both a Merchant & as an Affiliate. It looks a bit more complicated than it actually is, but they do have comprehensive Help Files.

Once any traffic is sent to our site via your link they will be tracked for 6 Months, so even if they don’t buy the book at that moment, if they return at a later date you will still get your commission. For instance if they signed up for the Newsletter and then bought a book 4 months later, after they see what we are all about, you would still get paid.

We are setting a Commission scale of 50% . The book is currently priced at US$37 so you will make $18.50 per sale.

UPDATE July 1st   –  After some testing and survey of customers I’ve decided to drop the price to $30 so your share is $15.
This brings it more into line with some other available books. I’ve updated the sales page and eJunkie backend.

Payment is via PayPal, you will set this when you set up your eJunkie account.
Payment will be in US$
We will payout money earned Monthly. I will aim to do this around the middle of each month for the previous month.
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Important NOTE – Step 8

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I’m not promoting this Affiliate Offer widely, initially you will be one of only 2 Affiliates, so it will be worth your time. I may add some others in a few months, so you are getting a head start.



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Are you interested in working in exotic locations, attending extravagant events, meeting famous people like sports stars, authors and adventurers, and getting paid handsomely to do it all?

I bet you are!

Welcome to the world of the Corporate MC.

To be honest with you, it’s not all like that. There’s also conferences filled with endless talking about road infrastructure or mining projects, gory medical symposiums and mind numbing accountancy events to deal with.

But life as a Corporate MC is never dull.

Timothy Hyde has worked exclusively in this market for over 20 years. He’s been paid to travel all over the world to run events, including assignments in – Hawaii, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Cambodia and of course every possible city in his home country Australia.

For the last 10 years he has also been mentoring and coaching people who want to break into this lucrative field via his ExpertMC.com Resource Website & Newsletter.

I asked him what was the first piece of advice he would give anyone thinking about doing it!

“The first thing I get anyone to do is start a Resource Book. Start collecting quotes, lines, activities & jokes and start getting them all in one place. Then try them out and eliminate the ones that don’t work. After a few years you will have a great working toolkit. After 10 years you will have a goldmine!”

But what if you don’t want to wait years?

You want access “right now” to a collection of solid, tested, working material so that you can hit the ground running and save hours and hours of research and field testing!

Timothy & his ExpertMC.com project have just released his very own ” ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual.” This is the actual material that he uses at these events!

If you are an Entertainer, Speaker , Trainer or Wedding MC, you can use the skills you already have to Fast Track your move into this market. And if you are just a beginner this is the ideal start point.

And it’s not just content included in the book. There is a huge advice section giving you the tips and insights of 6 full time professional MC’s.
Remember – these events are often full day or multi day events of 2, 3 days or even longer and you can charge appropriately. Some clients run multiple events a year and like to use the same MC each time. ( Timothy has one client who has used him for 10 x 2 Day events each year for the last three years. )

Note – And this material is also not just useful for Corporate Events! The material and advice given is perfect for – Community events, Association Government events, Sporting & large Social gatherings.

If you have any interest at all in this sort of work, I urge you to checkout the full information page HERE.
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P.S. If you do have a look and decide it’s not right for you at this time, I urge you at least to grab hold of the free 7 Part Bonus Pack that includes bucket loads of resources and advice and even a short extract or two from the book.