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Be Punctual Yourself

If you say you are going to start the session at 1pm, try very hard to start at 1pm.

As soon as you start delaying the start time of sessions, people start to factor this into their thinking. They think they have time for just one more quick phone call, a trip to the toilet or to get another cup of tea. They’ll still be trickling in 5 to 10 minutes later. Starting promptly in the first few sessions will set the trend.

A few other things that you can do –

  • Have some fun prizes or giveaways to the first people back
  • Lucky door prize draw, but the person must be back in the room and seated
  • A loud piece of music that is fun and encourages action
  • On screen countdown Timer
  • Have some People Movers
  • Loud Bell or Gong



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