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Thanks for your interest in adding “Brainstorming Facilitator” to your skill set!

Not only will you have a way to run a planned Brainstorming session, it’s also a great “fill in” activity if you need it.

I also suggest once you have done at least one session or feel very comfortable with the framework, mention it in your promotional material and on your website. You will be surprised how much interest it gets and it makes you a much more valuable MC.

Please note, this eBook was written 10 years ago. The format is a bit different to our current material and a couple of the links are not correct. For instance the Blog site mentioned is no longer valid, we of course run this site as our main Blog.

We are giving this book away, as a surprise reward to people who open and read the Newsletter!

You can download the eBook at no cost, directly from HERE

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