Closing Speech

Step by Step guide to writing a great Closing Speech. This is aimed at MC’s and Event Hosts writing an Emcee Script. However many of the Tips and Insights are applicable to Speakers doing the Closing Speech at an event.

As well as the 6 Step Structure, I outline TWO things that you absolutely must find out before you start writing your EMCEE Script.

I’m also sharing a clever Marketing Idea that I have used for over 25 years, that will dramatically multiply the amount of MC assignments that you are offered!

Timothy Hyde

Widely acknowledged as one of Australia's busiest & best MC's and a global authority on the MC Industry, Timothy Hyde shares his expertise and insights into this fascinating Professional Speaking niche via this site and a dynamic YouTube channel. His best selling book The ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Manual has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their Emcee skills and in many cases, start earning a living by taking on the role.

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