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Mega Success Bundle Access Instructions

You will receive several eMails.

Some will come from ThriveCart (our platform and SalesCart Provider)
Others will come from me – timothy@timothyhyde.com or Achieving the Impossible.
(It depends how you paid for the purchase, PayPal or Credit card.)

If you don’t see any in your inbox after 30 minutes, first check your spam folder.
Then email us at timothy@timothyhyde.com and we will respond and help you asap.


Email:  “Verify your email to access your courses”

You will receive the following emails and possibly a few more. The most important email is the one with the title, “Verify your email to . . .“. This is the email that you should open FIRST!

NOTE: Your INVOICE will come separately.

NOTE: Depending on the email service you use, this Welcome Message may end up in the Promotions tab, especially if you use Gmail. If this is the case, just drag the email into your Primary tab.


Email: Open the “Verify your email to . . .” Email and Confirm Your Email Address and set your password.

Open the “Verify your email to access your courses” email message and click the link to log into your courses. When you click the button you will be taken to the “Enter Your Password” form to configure your access. The details are in step 03.


The “Click here to log in” link from Step 02 will take you to a form where you can verify and update your name, email address and enter a password for the Mega Success Bundle. **Remember to use a password that you will remember easily and save it somewhere secure for later reference.


Access the Bundle

Once you hit the “Complete” button you will be taken to the “My Courses” page.
There you will see the Bundle that you just purchased.

When you access the Bundle itself look for the Start Here / Quick Start !