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Control The Music

The role of the MC is to control the atmosphere of an event and as such this should extend to controlling the music.

Spend a little time and choose some great music for your conference.  It is a worthwhile  and easy way to add fun and enjoyment.

Don’t just leave this up to the AV Team who are probably just doing their job.

I suggest you compile a CD of great tracks that are suitable for the following moments –

  • For when people come into the room
  • To signal that you have gone to a break
  • As a signal that they should return to the room and take their seats
  • Shorter bits or “stings” as walk-on music for presenters
  • Some quiet music to play while people are having table discussion or moments of reflection

You can then run these from an Ipod, Ipad or Laptop patched into the main sound system.


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