Create Online Business

I continually get asked questions about how I created and grew this online business  –  ExpertMC.com.

Rather than answer each and every one individually anymore, I’ve outlined below some of the simple steps I followed and some of the brilliant resources I’ve used and highly recommend.

I must also point out this is one of the Brilliant Things about creating an additional Online Business that gets seldom mentioned.

The lessons in building traffic and sales that you will learn, can be applied in many different ways, including your own core business.

For instance, once I had developed a second income stream and learnt some different skills and techniques, I then applied them back to my own business which then experienced a significant growth spurt!     A real Win – Win !

For instance _

I have my own Website promoting my MC Services –  TimothyHyde.com

My wife’s succesful Art business Website  – LyndaHydeArt.com

A niche website for Magicians  –  MagicCoach.com

And we have recently launched a destination website for the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains area we call home  –  BlueMountainsInsider.com

As an example of how powerful some of the resources below really are … ExpertMC.com now gets over 110,000 page views a month. (Feb 2019)

Now, this is nothing compared to many websites, but for small niche websites like mine, it’s pretty good.

A second income stream (or 3rd, 4th & 5th) can be a life saver for many people.

As an professional MC, my income can be up and down in various months, so it’s great to know I have a small extra income coming in, that is slowly growing month by month.

And it can be done anywhere by anyone!

Our readers in The Philippines or in India are just as able to do this as my readers in the USA or in the UK!

So here are my absolute best picks from available resources and trust me, I’ve bought many training courses and books about each of these topics.

Complete Online Income Course

Income School

This is a great place to start. We wrote a whole blog article about it that you can read HERE

Make sure you read the comments after the article as we added some extra valuable details there and I will continue to update the Stats as they continue to amaze me and prove the effectiveness of the course. Yes, it is fairly expensive, but I’ve been repaid multiple times, as you will read.

Social Media Mastery

Once you have a Website up, you need to drive traffic to it.

The Income School resource above covers how to conquer Google and generate valuable organic traffic, but there are other  Social Media platforms that can be used to great effect as well. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc
Here are my best recommendation for the very best resource for each each.





I used YouTube initially to grow a constant stream of Traffic to this site. You may well have come here by first watching a Video and then clicking through a link to get more information.

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine after Google itself and it’s power will certainly keep growing.

We currently (Feb 2019) have 6,767 subscribers to the ExpertMC YouTube Channel which is not bad considering it’s such a niche interest.

There are literally hundreds of YouTube Gurus out there promoting their own Courses and Products and I’ve purchased most of them.

However, I learnt more valuable information and excellent techniques from this one book than anything else I bought. I highly recommend it.

If you get it from Amazon via THIS LINK , it is also very reasonably priced.

It’s subtitled “How to get Your First 5,000 Subscribers,” so I hope he is working on Volume 2.

(Actually, Brian has released an Online Course that expands on the book, but I have not had time to do it yet. I’m sure it’s good, however, I only list resources here that I have personally completed and tested.)

I was a bit of a late comer to Pinterest.

I was an early adopter of websites, I had one very early on and also started playing with YouTube in it’s early development. Starting at the beginning of something, you learn and grow with it.

But with Pinterest I was playing serious catch up. I had no idea!

I bought about 5-6 books, watched lots of YouTube Videos and a couple of “courses.”  They were either too basic or too complex.

My recommendation is THIS ONE

It’s a combo of Video and Written instruction and really covers the whole platform well from Beginner to Advanced.

I don’t use Pinterest a great deal to promote ExpertMC, I’m instead using it for traffic building on a couple of my other sites.

However … if you are a Wedding MC or Social MC, I think there is a HUGE potential to dominate your market with clever and consistant use of Pinterest.


I first had success with Instagram working on my wife’s website. While it’s still very small, we now have a great bunch of followers who are very  interactive on that platform and importantly visit the website for further information.

After that encouragement I thought I should study it properly before building up a presence for my Blue Mountains Insider page.

I asked around and the training that got the highest recommendations was  ……

I’m really loving this, but still only half way through. Like the Pinterest Course it’s delivered on the same platform, with a mix of Video and Text Lessons.

I’m actually finding it better than the Pinterest course at this point, so if you can only afford one, this would be my pick.

Both of these courses can be used to boost your own business as an MC or to build another income stream as suggested.