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# Do you want to know the ins and outs of actually doing the job?

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#1 Mastering the Role of the MC

The Top Ten Tips report that will make you an Expert MC!

  • How to deal with Clients
  • Work with AV teams
  • Keep Speakers On Time
  • Give a good introduction
  • Keep an Event on Time
  • Theme your work
  • How scripted should you be
  • The MC’s Toolkit
  • What is your Role really
  • Two secret Bonus Items!

#2 The 25 Questions that you can ask ANY speaker or presenter!

Use the questions when you – meet, introduce or thank a Speaker.

Use them to facilitate a Panel Session!

Use them at Networking events to build your business!

I use these all the time, all over the world and now you can too!

#​3 The ​Wedding MC Guide   – Order of Speeches​

​The Speeches and Toasts at a Wedding are one of the most Important parts of the Event​!

​They create the Memories, the Laughs, ​the Tears and the important connections between Wedding Party and Guests.

​As the Wedding MC, you really need to get this part right.

​Download this 7 Page Guide to the Order of Wedding Speeches from our colleague Mark Livingston.

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“Hi! My name is Timothy Hyde and I’ve been a professional MC for over 20 years and performing for a living for nearly 40. 

My work as an MC has taken me all over the world, to Hawaii, Cape Town, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. These have ranged from huge Corporate Conferences, large and small Association events, Government Forums, Community and Social Events etc etc.

Over the last ​1​5 years we have been helping MC’s around the world become better at their job, earn more money and save years of frustrating trial and error with our Resource Website, Educational Material and thriving Online Community. 

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