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How To Grow Your Website Traffic 10X

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Quite a few people have asked me over the last 6 months how I get traffic to this and the other sites I run!

So I thought I would take a few minutes, show you some stats and let you in on the secret!

If you want to build traffic to your own website or perhaps start up a new website, a side hustle to create another income stream, read on.

Note – this doesn’t need to be an MC website, it could be anything!

First some stats  …

In late March 2018  this Website was receiving  1,352 Page Views Per Month

On December 15th 2018 we are receiving 63,336  Page Views Per Month

That’s in just 8 and a half months!    That’s Over 46X

I was actually quite pleased with the 1,352 back in March but obviously thrilled now.

(I’ll update this is April 2019 to give us a 12 month Growth figure.)

So what exactly did I do?

I’m going to tell you, but first have a think for a moment what 10X would do for your business!

I’ve probably read a hundred eBooks on how to grow a website over the years and invested in several training courses from the so called “Gurus.”

Some have been good, some dreadful.

In March 2018 I started watching some videos from a couple of guys and something clicked with me.

There was something that had been missing from all the other material I had been reading.

These guys were straight forward with no nonsense.
There was no hype, just solid practical ideas on growing a website.
And they already had a great track record of building high traffic websites.
They had developed a step by step process that laid out clearly what you had to do.

In late March I grabbed a copy of their own course and started to put their ideas into practice. The results speak for themselves.

This first image above is from Google Analytics and shows the explosive traffic growth over the last 12 months forming a “hockey stick” pattern. More importantly, it shows that most of the traffic is Organic Traffic rather than Social Media or Direct referals. The Organic Traffic is the dark blue.

Note – The course is mostly about building that Organic Traffic. It’s certainly not about buying traffic via adverts etc. That’s a game that requires very deep pockets.

This second image is also directly from Google Analytics and it shows the growth a bit more clearly. (The dotted Blue line is the previous year comparison!)

Note 1 This is where I started and made a few simple changes to my website as explained in the course and it had an immediate effect within days! That is almost a doubling!

Note 2 Is about 3 months later and the site just changes gear! This was exactly what was predicted and explained in the course. Three months is about what you need to let Google see what you are doing and how people are reacting to what you are doing.

Note 3  I included this to show you that it’s not all plain sailing! There are ups and downs. Google is continually altering the way it works which can in the short term be alarming, but if you step back a bit and look at the big picture it’s excellent.

This last image shows just the last 30 days, data once again direct from Google Analytics.

So there you are, you know my secret weapon!

Seriously, my traffic is nothing compared to a lot of websites, but if you’ve ever tried to get one started, you know how tricky it can be to get any traction.

If you already have a website that’s not going anywhere or think that you would like to start one up and start earning some money off it, check out the full information RIGHT HERE.


Its been 2 months since I posted the above stats and it’s 2 months to go till the official 12 month Stats, but I’m so excited this week.

We are at  115,303 Page Views per month!

Seriously, if you have any desire or need to create a second income stream, consider checking out the video.      VIDEO RIGHT HERE.


Sharing is caring!

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  • Peter Prevos December 18, 2018, 6:48 pm

    Nice sales pitch but not very informative.
    What was the crux of the changes you made?

    • Mr Hyde December 19, 2018, 7:16 am

      Hi Peter, great question.

      1/ I changed the navigation around the site. This meant people were staying on the site significantly longer. Because of this my bounce rated dropped from in the 80’s down to 9-10 as you can see in graph 3. Google responded to this and ranked my pages higher, therefore I got more traffic who stayed longer etc etc.

      2/ I learnt to write articles that people wanted to read rather than articles I wanted to write. Of the top ranked landing pages on my site over half of them have been written in the last 6 months.

      3/Jim & Ricky at Income School have studied launching a new website and have a formula or sequence that really helps get a site established and ranked quickly. It’s not the sequence you imagine. This is for brand new sites. I’ve actually just launched another brand new niche site in the last 2 months and it is already ranking OK and starting to get traffic.

      4/ Supportive Community – there is a great community building within the course participants. Ask a question, share links, send each other traffic etc. I could ask a curly question at any time and get a answer pretty quickly. In the past I’ve just worked away by myself, so this change has been good.

      5/ Lots of other resources , that have proved useful in tweaking the site.

      Note – Obviously ExpertMC was an established website rather than a brand new site, so the results you see in the stats graphs may be more dramatic than a with a new site, but there are lots of other people making huge progress from scratch.

      Hope this helps


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