January 2014 MC Resource Round Up

January 2014 Resources

So, here we are again … NYE.

This year has been my busiest year yet, with Corporate MC work, taking me to Hong Kong twice, Hawaii, New Zealand and every state of Australia multiple times over the last 12 months.

More importantly it’s been awesome connecting with some of you, either on our thriving LinkedIn Group, via FaceBook and some of you even on the phone, email and Skype. Hearing about your Big Wins, Little Challenges and Amazing Opportunities.

We have some fun plans for ExpertMC over 2014, so please stick around and read the emails we send out. I’ve just worked out how to delete people who subscribe but don’t open anything, which will keep our list tighter and more focused.

Speaking of which …  if you haven’t done the 2 minute survey I set up at Survey Monkey, please do so. It will really help us find out about YOUR challenges and goals for the year and help us provide content and hopefully continue to provide solutions.  (PS.   It’s also good for you to play around with Survey Monkey, because in an upcoming newsletter I’ll show you how to use it to help your clients run better events and make your job as an MC easier. So, try it as a participant now and then from the other side later.)         Survey LINK

Here at the office, work is progressing well on the long awaited ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Book. My 20 year collection of  – Scripts, Lines, Quotes, Jokes, Ice Breakers and all important Filler Material straight from my own personal MC Resource book. It’s bursting out at about 200 pages and I’m hoping for a Feb 1 release date!

Speaking of books, this is a fantastic Top 9  list of books for meaningful change. Good to know these books on both a personal and professional level. If you are looking for something to get your year off to a different start then this would be a great place to start. How many have you studied?   Here it is.


Well, it was to me and I think it will be to you. But, please check it out, this is important. My Google Analytics confirm that nearly half the people who visit my MC Services site to potentially book me do so on a mobile device. This is a growing percentage. Most of us have websites. Do you know how they look on a range of mobile devices. Yep, pretty dreadful.       http://www.responsinator.com/


The simple solution is to get your web designer to convert your current websites into Mobile Friendly or Responsive versions. I’m in the process of doing it now, I’ve put it off far too long. If your webmaster is YOU and you need some help, I’ve found this is the very best Tutorial Site available. I’ve been accessing it every day. Plenty of free stuff as well as the paid content.       WEBSITE RESOURCES
For other great ExpertMC Business Resources check out this page on the site –   https://expertmc.com/business/

Final Fun – Have you solved the Zebra Puzzle?  Download the PDF &  print it out. Feel free to forward it to your friends.     http://www.timothyhyde.com/down/zebra.pdf


Timothy Hyde

Widely acknowledged as one of Australia's busiest & best MC's and a global authority on the MC Industry, Timothy Hyde shares his expertise and insights into this fascinating Professional Speaking niche via this site and a dynamic YouTube channel. His best selling book The ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Manual has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their Emcee skills and in many cases, start earning a living by taking on the role.

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