Memory Improvement – Skills for MC’s

Do you need some Memory Improvement?

If you ask anyone “How’s your Memory” most people reply, “Not as good as it used to be!”

As working MC’s it’s really important to keep our Memory Skills sharp.

Think for a moment what it would be like if you had a Memory Improvement of  just 10% – 20%!

# You would remember Names & Faces so much better
# You could work more often without notes
# You would always remember ‘what happens next”
# Recall the perfect quote or joke to slip into the thankyou or introduction
# Get better grades and marks in your tests
# Be a whole lot more confident
# and always remember where you left the car

But most people don’t do anything about their Memory Skills! They think it’s just part of the aging process, that they will get worse and worse at remembering things and there is nothing they can do about it. But this is simply not true.

Improve Your Memory

Take the example of a runner! As an athlete, they have a few choices. They can rely on their natural talent and just turn up to each race and see how they go. And then as the years go by, they can complain that they are not as fast as they used to be.

Or they can learn some techniques that will make them run faster and more efficiently. Then, they can practice the techniques and work on their fitness levels to keep them at high performance level.

It’s the same with our memory. There are some naturally gifted people when it comes to memory recall. But for most of us, if we want to improve we have to learn some different techniques. We also have to be encouraged to put them into practice and then we have to maintain our mental fitness.

I’ve taught Memory Skills to thousands of people at Corporate and Education groups across Australia. In every group session I’ve run, and I’ve done hundreds, I’ve made a guarantee that I would improve the overall groups memory skill by at least 10% or they get their session for free!

Nobody has ever been in a position to ask for their money back!

And often in these sessions I’ve had some participants improve their short term memory recall skills by 50% or more! That’s a life changing moment for some people.

After running these workshops for many years, we decided to turn the session into an expanded On Line Video Training. We wanted more people to be able to have access to the session, to be able to do it at their own pace, in their own homes and also go into some of the techniques in a lot more detail.

The Course – Motivate Your Memory is now available and can be found on the giant Udemy platform, the worlds leading supplier of Online On Demand training courses.

At the time of writing we have had 450 Students from 60 different countries take the course! And it’s still rating a massive 4.75 out of 5!

Now I know what you’re thinking … “I know about Memory Skills & The different Memory Systems”

But are you using them?

One of the great things about the Video course is that we encourage you to use them, we walk you step by step through the different systems AND give you great practice sessions!

It’s like being at a live workshop with me, except you can do it in your own home and at the pace you like. You can also do it as many times as you like, unlike a live workshop. You have lifetime access to the On Demand lessons and you can watch them on any device.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you can watch a short video from the course introduction.

So what are the keys to Memory Improvement and what are you going to learn in Motivate Your Memory?

Memory Improvement Skill #1  The Secret to Visualisation

Our mind works in Pictures and the sooner we understand that the sooner we can utilise that fact. We show you the simple secrets.

I’ll give you an example of the Power of Visualisation. What was the last film you watched at the movies? Could you tell me about the story? Could you describe some of the scenes? Could you describe some of the sequences? Of course you could! Probably in great detail. Your mind remembers the images and stores them away ready to be brought back at a moments notice! That’s what we are going to tap into.

Memory Improvement Skill #2  The Secret to Association

When we think of one thing we always tend to think of connected things. They link together and aid in our recall. Like the World Wide Web leading us from one hyperlink to the next. Once we control this we can remember anything!

I’ll give you an example.

If I say Salt you would say  ……….. ?
If I say Knife you would say ………..?
If I say Day you would say …………?

That’s the Power of Association and that will enable us to learn – long lists, important facts, numbers, names, faces and much more.

Memory Improvement Skill #3  The Secret to “Forgetting”

Most of the time when you try and remember something, you often have trouble because you never really learnt that thing in the first place! There are simple ways to dramatically boost your skill at “learning” to aid your skill at “remembering.”

I’ll give you an example.

Remembering Peoples Names! Most of the time when you try to remember someones name and it doesn’t come back to you immediately, it’s because you didn’t “LEARN” it in the first place. Sure, you might have “heard” it, you might have even repeated it to yourself in the hope of remembering it, but you didn’t actually learn it. We give you the tools so you will never be embarrassed again.

Memory Improvement Skill #4  Vivid Pictures

You’ll learn our unique MECHS Method for turning any object into an unforgettable image to aid in it’s recall.

Memory Improvement Skill #5   The Real Secret to How our Memory Works

We will not delve into Synapses and NeuroGenesis, though you can if you want to, we will give you some links to some fascinating research, but more importantly for us, we explore practical small improvements that any of us can master. Real World Tools and Techniques for Real World People.

Which of these Memory Improvements would you like?

  1. I want to be more observant.
  2. I want to sharpen my power of concentration.
  3. I want to grasp important points quickly.
  4. I want to recognise Opportunities.
  5. I want to increase my General & Specific Knowledge.
  6. I want to learn to think clearly.
  7. I want to learn to save time.
  8. I want to gain a reputation for reliability.
  9. I want to help my children with their studies.
  10. I want to keep “mentally young.”
  11. I want to be able to remember Names & Faces
  12. I want to be able to remember Facts & Figures
  13. Remember – Dates, Formulas
  14. Remember – Statistics and Prices
  15. Remember Speeches & Lectures
  16. Points you want to bring up.
  17. Details from Conversations
  18. What I just read
  19. Lists
  20. Poetry
  21. Jokes
  22. Foreign Languages
  23. Things to be Done
  24. Be able to Remember Anything At All!

How many of those do you want?

You don’t need to be a genius to Improve your Memory Skills, you just need to be enthusiastic and have a desire to do it. And you need someone to show you how.

I’ve taught thousands of people these Memory Improvement Skills and they ALWAYS improve their memory! 10, 20, 30% and more!

Why should You develop a Better Memory?

  • You will perform much better as an MC
  • You will be more confident in your ability
  • You will be known as the person who doesn’t forget
  • Employees WANT reliable, dependable people
  • Success in life and business depends on Knowledge and the application of that Knowledge. Having a strong Memory gives you access to that Knowledge.

For a limited time …  you can grab life time access to this Online Course at 50% Off!

This makes it just $10!    ( Currency fluctuations may alter this slightly)

There are only 50 Coupons at this price, so take action today. Discount is applied via the link.

P.S.     Did I mention that you can teach these Memory Improvement Skills to anyone?

If you are a parent help your children do better at their studies, tests and exams.

If you are a Teacher, help them learn how to learn!

If you run a Scout Group, a Church Group, a Library, After School Care, teach them.

If you work with Seniors, Aged Care or Community Groups … teach them.

P.P.S.     Did I mention that having a quick Memory Skills Segment is a brilliant tool for any MC to have as “Filler Material!”

What if the CEO is running late and you have to fill in for 10 minutes!

You’ll know what to do. I’ve done it lots of times in this situation. I even got booked back to run a full session as they had so much fun in the 10 minutes I gave them as a filler.

You don’t need any equipment, props or PowerPoint slides!

You’re always ready to go AND they will thank you for sharing such a valuable skill.

Timothy Hyde

Widely acknowledged as one of Australia's busiest & best MC's and a global authority on the MC Industry, Timothy Hyde shares his expertise and insights into this fascinating Professional Speaking niche via this site and a dynamic YouTube channel. His best selling book The ExpertMC Toolkit and Resource Manual has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their Emcee skills and in many cases, start earning a living by taking on the role.

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