Mid Year Resource Round Up!

A swirl of Emcee assignments around the country and overseas has kept me very busy for the last two months with lots of travel. But I’ve been reading plenty and keeping a list of  – Sites, Tools, Resources, Reports, Ideas and Articles that I know will help you and your MC business.

So in no particular order here they are, straight from my travel notebook –

#  DropBox !  Now, I’ve been using Dropbox for sometime and I’m sure you have been too. I primarily use it to keep projects easily accessible via my different devices and all synced up. But it’s a very powerful tool to also deliver your promotional material to a possible client quickly. Many corporate email systems do not allow attachments. So have all your material as pdfs in a folder and just provide a link so they can download easily and safely. It’s free.  FULL DETAILS

# Mailing Lists !  Building a mailing list of customers, prospects and other interested people is the life blood of any small business or for any solo operator. If you have a website and you are not collecting email addresses from your visitors, please make this your next priority.

I’ve used many different ways to do this over the years. My current Go-To is the brilliant Thrive Themes. You may well have got on this list  via one of their forms on our site. The suite of tools, templates and training they provide are awesome.

But, here’s the thing. Don’t just ask people to hand over an email address to be be put on a mailing list. Nobody in the world  wants more email! You must offer value. I hope we offer value, you wouldn’t have clicked through to read this if we don’t.

So what can you offer?

A free Tip’s Sheet on Event or Wedding Planning is a choice a lot of Emcee’s go for and it can be very effective.  Check out Thrive Themes they have some brilliant tools at a very reasonable cost. (Go for the yearly subscription. You get everything!)

# Around the Web  Here are 5 articles that will be of interest to any MC

Contribute More to Your Next Event – This Article is aimed at Event Organisers getting more value from their speakers, but it gives you, the MC, plenty of ideas on how you can add value too.

Introductions –  A quick read with some good points

Introductions 2 – Especially when you intro women

Introductions 3 – Adding Humour

Productivity – You already know some of these, but I bet you don’t know them all

# Be a Wedding MC !   This is fantastic niche in the MC industry. Every Wedding needs an MC!
And at every wedding there are other people planning their own or helping others plan theirs. Every event you do is a showcase for your services. It’s a snowballing effect!

My friend Peter Miller is a master at this here in Australia and now often in South East Asia where they love big expensive events. Learn all his secrets Full Details Here . Highly recommended.

# How is Your Memory? Our own Udemy online course continues to get great ratings and comments. A strong memory is a fantastic asset for any Emcee for multiple reasons. If you follow this link you can have life time access to the course for just $20.



# Your Website ! I’ve been doing a lot of study of different Digital Marketing & Promotional techniques recently and have subscribed to several online coaching programs over the last year to build my owm MC business.  Money well spent and YOU get the benefit now as well. Over the next few issues I’m going to be making available as a direct download a number of reports I have picked up. These are normally only for their own subscribers but I can share these. I’ll see how many people download this one and see what other ones would be appropriate.

So, the first is this clever 5 Minute SEO Check Up. If you’re not getting as much traffic as you expect to your site, these simple checks might help.  DOWNLOAD


# The Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual

Why wait 20 years building up your own surefire content when you download mine right now!
Scripts, Jokes, Quotes, Intros, Stories, Activities etc       FULL DETAILS

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