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Perhaps to run your own Quiz Night, Corporate Trivia Night,
Fundraising, Social Trivia, Company Party Entertainment or Pub Trivia?

Or perhaps you are just a keen Quizzer or Trivia Buff and want to do some study
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Our company The Corporate Trivia Challenge ran Corporate Trivia Events around Australia & New Zealand for 15 years.

Whenever we needed fresh, new, accurate, fun questions …
this is where we went! Click the Image and see what you think!

triviaIf you run Trivia Nights, you already know the importance of great Trivia Questions.
Trivia Questions should be just hard enough to keep the audience guessing but not too hard that they lose interest.

Hint -1
When we ran events we would always try to gauge the questions in about the 55 – 85% range. The worst scoring team should get at least half the questions right, otherwise they will lose interest, leave, not bother or worse become disruptive. The winning team, should not quite be able to get them all correct. If your questions are too easy you may get several teams in a tied position and have to resort to tie breakers. You may not have time for this especially in a corporate setting. Have a look at your score sheets after your next event. How did you go?
That’s why having a large selection of great questions is a key to building your Trivia Business.

We always found these Quiz Questions, perfect and there are so many Trivia Questions supplied in each pack that you can pick and choose appropriate ones to suit your audience.

They offer a great deal if you buy all 4 packs at the same time. Trust me, if you are running more than just one event, you should grab that deal. You can download the sample pack first to see the quality.

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