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Let me guess…

  • You’ve been asked to be the MC at a Wedding and you would like a great guide on exactly what to do so you won’t mess it up!
  • Or you are the Best Man or Father of the Bride and you want some guaranteed laughs in your speech!
  • Perhaps you are thinking about starting to offer your services as a Proffesional Wedding Master of Ceremonies!

Welcome to The Expert MC, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Timothy Hyde and I’ve been a professional MC for over 25 years and performing for a living for nearly 40. My work as an MC has taken me all over the world, to Hawaii, Cambodia, Cape Town South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. (You can read more about exactly what I do further down the page if you are interested.)

Over the last 15 years we have been helping people around the world become better at performing the role of MC at Weddings and other events and also make brilliant Wedding Speeches. We have helped them via our Resource Website, Educational Material, thriving Online Community and personal recommendations. (You can download our free resource pack further down the page if you are interested.)

Many of these people were just like you!

Ok, here are some common scenarios and our recommended Resources for each …

Wedding Master of Ceremony
Scenario 1 
You have been asked to be an MC at a friend or family members wedding.

But you’ve never done it before and really don’t want to mess it up.

1/   My first Recommendation is Mark Livingston’s How to Be a Fun Wedding MC

You want to know exactly what to do and when to do it. But above all you want the Wedding to be FUN!

This is a slightly more expensive option than the first but if you are willing to spend a bit more you will be well rewarded. Plus it’s not just an ebook, there is a huge number of bonus items – Cheat Sheets, Scripts, Reports etc.

I won’t run right through the contents list, as it’s fully described right here –

  How to be a fun Wedding MC – Click Here!

Scenario 2 You are going to give a speech as Best Man or Father of the Bride at a Wedding and you need Wedding Jokes.

This book has got a lot going for it …   it’s dirt cheap and it’s packed with wedding jokes and other funny stuff.

You’ll have to gauge your audience a bit about which ones you use and when you use them, but a great thing about this is that the authors also give you extra advice on how to tell some of the jokes really well. They have a background in Stand Up Comedy and share some real insider secrets.

I actually use a couple of these jokes in my own comedy work on luxury cruise ships – (Queen Mary 2, Silversea & Crystal Symphony)

Now, you might read or hear that this book has received some criticism on two main points.

Firstly, that some of the wedding jokes in it could easily be found on the Internet. Well this is probably true, “some of the jokes,” but as already mentioned the authors spend quite a bit of time also explaining when to use particular jokes and how to effectively tell them. If you are not a natural joke teller, this advice is priceless.

The second criticism is that “some” of the wedding jokes are inappropriate for MC’s to use. I tend to agree with this. In my own MC work I seldom tell many jokes at all but always generate lots of laughs. I feel however, the book has plenty of material that is really useful if you are delivering a speech at a wedding, as the Best man or Father of the Bride, both of whom are usually expected to provide a few laughs and gentle ribbing of others. There is also some material that an MC could use with the right audience at the right time. So I think it’s a mistake to write off the whole book, especially considering it’s price.     You can get a Kindle Edition of this!

Check it out at Amazon here  The Wedding MC Jokebook: and Wedding Reception Guide

What is the role of a Wedding MC

Scenario 3   –  You are interested in entering the world of the Professional Wedding MC

What an fantastic job! Surrounded by excited people, in beautiful locations, with food and drink AND you get paid to be there!

In all the niches within the world of the MC, the Wedding MC Business is in some ways the easiest to understand.

The role of the Wedding MC is quite clear and once you get a foot in the door and do a good job at every Wedding you do, there are other prospects there. People planning their own weddings or helping someone who is. The Wedding MC community is also quite tight and friendly. They often pass on assignments to their colleagues if they can’t fill a certain date. There is also the possibility of providing or co-ordinating other entertainment at an event e.g DJ services or floor show and some MC’s also move into the field of Wedding Celebrant as well.

But the essential thing is to do an excellent job at every assignment!

How to run a fun Wedding – Click Here!

Final Recommendation – We have assembled a Bonus Pack of Resources that answer the Top Ten Questions people often ask about being an MC.

These resources are absolutely free, no strings attached. If you are interested in How to be an Emcee, already involved in the industry or just want to improve your Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremony Skills at both Weddings and Corporate,click the button to claim your copy. Included –MC-250

  • A Tip Sheet on keeping Events and Speakers On Time
  • Seven Secrets Report on Marketing your MC Business
  • Our Guide – Mastering the Role of the MC
  • A Tip Sheet on using the internets very best tool for getting MC assignments
  • An invitation to join our Online Community who share Ideas and Job Possibilities around the world
  • The Answer to the Question “Do you Need to be Funny as an MC?”
  • One of my pet Introductions for speakers that always gets a great laugh
  • The Opportunity to ask a Pressing Question on becoming an MC
  • Extracts from our bestselling eBook – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource manual
  • Free Subscription to our Monthly Newsletter full of reviews and extra ideas
  • and a few surprises!

You will get Tips, Advice and Ideas, will save months of trial & error and you will become a better MC.

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Grab your copy now before we change our mind and start selling these items again, as we used to do!

Who is the Expert MC

I’ve been an Expert MC at events all over the world for the last 20 years. Assignments in the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and every possible city in Australia. These have ranged from huge Corporate Conferences, large and small Association events, Government Forums, Community and Social Events etc etc. ( You can read a little about my work here or by downloading my 2013 Promo or 2014 Update pdf’s.)

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