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What is your MC Style?

What is your MC Style?

Every MC is a little bit different. They approach things in different ways, they have their own “Style” and one of the most valuable things you can do as an MC is to pinpoint what your style is and then expand and exploit it.

Is there a look you always have, like a trademark piece of clothing or costume?
Do you tell jokes or personal stories?
Do you juggle, have funny props and giveaways?
Are you always doing unexpected things to keep people interested?
Are you “a voice” that command attention?
Is there something about your physical size?

All of these things could be you. But you shouldn’t be all of them.

I came from an entertainment background and performed magic for many years. People expect me to do a little bit of magic during my MC assignments. I do if it’s appropriate.

One great way to discover your style is to listen to the feedback that people give you. What are they saying? How do they perceive you?

Once you see what’s coming across to people, make sure you always do it. Expand on it and you will become a unique and authentic MC and not a cookie cutter, the same as everybody else. As Oscar Wilde said “Be youself, everyone else is taken!”

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