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Closing Speech

Step by Step guide to writing a great Closing Speech. This is aimed at MC’s and Event Hosts writing an Emcee Script. However many of the Tips and Insights are applicable to Speakers doing the Closing Speech at an event.

As well as the 6 Step Structure, I outline TWO things that you absolutely must find out before you start writing your EMCEE Script.

I’m also sharing a clever Marketing Idea that I have used for over 25 years, that will dramatically multiply the amount of MC assignments that you are offered!

Funny MC Introductions

Funny MC Introductions shares 8 Different ways to introduce a guest speaker with humour. Professional Corporate MC Timothy Hyde gives you some of the fun introductions he has used all over the world at Corporate assignments.

The two main Speaker Introduction frameworks we explain, are not Jokes as such, but create wonderful Situational Comedy and a strong Connection between Audience and Speaker. For people who just want a “Funny Line” to use, we share 6 that will prove useful in many situations.

Magical Master of Ceremony

I made this video for my Magician and Entertainer friends, however even if you don’t perform any Magic, you will find the section on Typical MC Jobs & Profitable Niche Markets of great interest!

Alternatives to using “Ladies & Gentlemen”

In this 4 minute video I give you 27 great alternative words and phrases to use instead of “Ladies & Gentlemen.” Grab a pen and jot down 3 or 4 that work for you and try them out at your next MC event.

Use AI to write your MC Script!

Can you use ChatGPT & AI to write an Opening Speech, Introductions and generate Panel Discussion Questions?

Yes you can! It’s not perfect, but it can help speed up the process.

Watch this 8 minute video on You Tube, packed with Tips, Ideas and Real World examples.

Emcee Success Habits – The Morning Ritual