Master of Ceremony Guide

Let me guess why you need a Corporate Master of Ceremony Guide!

  • You’ve been asked to be the Master of Ceremony at an event and you would like some great tips, advice or a Guide Book so you don’t mess it up!
  • You already do a few Master of Ceremony assignments, but you would like some more great “sure-fire” content to slot into your work!
  • You would like to start making some money by entering  the exciting business of being a Master of Ceremonies with a Guide book.

Welcome to The Expert MC, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Timothy Hyde and I’ve been a professional Master of Ceremonies for over 25 years and performing for a living for nearly 40. My work as an MC has taken me all over the world, to Hawaii, Cambodia, Cape Town South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. You can read more about exactly what I do further down the page.

Over the last 10 years we have been helping both new and experienced Masters of Ceremony around the world become better at their job, earn more money and save years of frustrating trial and error with our Resource Website, Educational Material and thriving Online Community.

Ok, here are my Top Recommendations …

Scenario 1 You have never been an MC before and want a great Beginners guide. This first one is great for Corporate work and Wedding MC’s.

It’s also Free!

“The Emcee’s Road Map”   Download this PDF and it outlines the BEST free articles and videos on this website that you can read and watch. It’s a great place to start.         DETAILS HERE 

Scenario 2 You have already started out on the journey to becoming a Corporate MC and want to add some great material. Jokes, Intro’s, Activities, Filler Material, Warm Ups & Quotes. Welcome to our very own eBook – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual. And not only Content, but also Advice from 6 other full time professional MC’s. This is the very material that keep me busy working at Conferences and Conventions around the world. You can read exactly whats in it here. The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual

Scenario 3 Slightly more expensive than the  previous two but I like this a lot and grab it off the shelf at least once a year. Written by Ron Tacchi and Peter Miller. Ron was a wonderful MC and mentor to many. For some years he also ran a very successful Speakers Bureau so he really understood what clients wanted. Peter Miller did loads of corporate MC work for many years before specialising in the Wedding MC market.

Up Front in Control : Great Master of Ceremonies Reveal Their Trade Secrets

Scenario 4    You’ve been asked to run a Trivia Night and you need some excellent questions.

Lynda and I ran Corporate Trivia Events for several years. If you already have the  The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual you’ll already have access to my Top Ten Trivia questions of all time. (Great Filler or Warm Up material for any event.) But if you would like a much bigger selection of questions, these were the guys we used all the time.  Trivia Questions

Lastly, if you are on a budget, apart from the free resources and articles here on the site you can download 2 great reports via the sidebar to the right or the button below.

There is the Top Ten Tips for MC’s  plus we will send you The Professional MC’s Cheat Sheet!

These resources are absolutely free, no strings attached. If you are interested in How to be an Emcee, already involved in the industry or just want to improve your Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremony Skills, click the button to claim your copies. These Tips, Advice and Ideas, will save months of trial & error and you will become a better MC.

As a Bonus we will also send you an invitation to join our private Online Community where we share Ideas and Job Possibilities.

Who is the Expert MC

I’ve been an Expert MC at events all over the world for the last 25 years. Assignments in the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and every possible city in Australia. These have ranged from huge Corporate Conferences, large and small Association events, Government Forums, Community and Social Events etc etc. ( You can read a little about my work here .)

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