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Scripts, Jokes, Resources & Reading List

Resources for MC’s!

My books shelves are groaning under the weight of what I believe is every Master of Ceremony book, Emcee Training Course and DVD ever published on the Art of being an MC. I’ve spent countless hours reading and a considerable sum of money collecting them, not only to help my career but also to help assemble these lists that I can recommend to you. These are what I consider the essentials.

We cover both the essential skills of being an MC in many different areas and the business side of things. This means if you only want to improve your skills and perform your role better OR you want to start building a career as an Emcee, we have you covered.

In fact, the MC’s Office page and Do More – Earn More pages will help anyone who wants to grow any business or become more productive!

And the Create & Grow section shows you how to create an extra Income Stream online.

These resources will cut years off your learning curve, fast track your progress and help you avoid the numerous mistakes that beginners often make.

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Wedding MC Resources

As Wedding Master of Ceremony is such a specialised and popular area I have given it it’s own section. There are Emcee Scripts, Resources for adding some Jokes, Runsheets, Activities, Wedding Planning Guides and plenty of advice. Useful for the Master of Ceremonies, anyone making a Wedding Speech and anyone planning a wedding including the Bride & Groom.


Corporate MC Resources

The Corporate MC section is actually broader than the title may suggest at first glance. Material here is also suitable for MC’s working for Associations, Community and Sports Events. Great material for anyone working these niches or wanting advice on being an MC for the first time.


The MC’s Office – Essential Business Tools for working MC’s

The MC’s Office lists the essential things that I use everyday to run my thriving MC Business. You’ll learn the CRM that I use to keep in touch with my clients and assignments, my favourite Web Host that saves me money & has brilliant support, the WordPress Theme I use, my Mail list provider, how I keep notes and a whole lot more.


Create & Grow an Online Income Stream

Anyone can create extra income streams online!

And it doesn’t matter where you live!

Someone in the Philipines or in India has just as much chance as someone in the United States or in the UK!

If I can do it, so can you. Turn your hobby, skill set or interests
into money by following these simple steps!   DETAILS


Memory Skills for the Working MC

Having a good memory is such a vital skill for any MC! The Memory Skills section explores the Secrets to a better Memory. We explain exactly why you need to sharpen your skills and show you how easy it is to do it.

We also list several great resources, including a peek inside our own popular online Memory Training Course, Motivate Your Memory. Current Stats – 475 Students from 61 different countries and it’s still rating a whopping 4.87 stars out of 5!  Currently available at 50% Off.


Productivity Tips

Do More – Earn More | The Expert MC’s Guide to Productivity, Motivation & Business Growth

Like any self employed freelance entrepreneur, the Professional MC must stay focused &  enthused.  The Do More – Earn More section, explores Motivation, Professional and Personal Development.

What are some of the “best practice” Daily & Weekly Routines to get more done?

How do you develop a winning attitude?

How do you get over the slumps?

How do set Effective Goals?


The MC’s Bookshelf

This section contains a snapshot of my Business Bookshelf.

Broader in focus than the MC Books listed in the above sections, these are my absolute “must read” books if you want to grow a business in any field or just deal with “life” better!

I suggest you Bookmark this page as we will be expanding it in coming weeks.